Once again the American public is being ripped off by the actions of greedy politicians with little recourse by the average voter.    In 1988 Congress passed legislation called The Alternative Motor Fuels Act that provided so many incentives that it basically mandated the addition of ethanol to our hydrocarbon fuels.   Among other provisions it provided a 51 cent a gallon tax credit to “blenders” who add ethanol to gasoline.  It also provided fuel economy credits to auto producers who build vehicles capable of running on ethanol blended fuels.  The purported reason for this legislation was to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

This rationale behind this legislation was severely flawed and also had the following negative effects.

1.  According to tests done by Consumer Reports and others ethanol blended fuels have significantly less energy than straight gasoline fuels and vehicles get between 7% to 27% less fuel mileage compared to using regular gasoline depending upon the percentage of ethanol used in the fuel.  What this means is that using an ethanol blend provides ZERO benefits in reducing our fuel imports of gasoline and never will provide any such benefits. It also costs more to make than regular gasoline.

2.  The production of ethanol takes significant energy, which has to come from somewhere, and also produces byproducts that are known to be carcinogenic so any positive environmental effects are largely bogus.

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