Carly For America - #LetCarlyDebate: ABC News excludes one candidate!


Sign this petition and #LetCarlyDebate


Seven of the eight Republican presidential candidates will be invited to the ABC News Debate on Saturday.


In other words, everyone except Carly. 


Here are the facts: 

  • Carly beat Governors Christie and Kasich in the Iowa Caucuses this week, and has the same number of delegates as Governors Bush and Kasich (note: Governor Christie has zero)
  • She is polling ahead of Dr. Carson in New Hampshire
  • She has twice(!) the cash-on-hand as either Governors Christie or Kasich
  • She is already on the ballot in 32 states 


Sign the petition by 3 p.m. ET on Thursday or else it's too late. 


Demand that the media stop inserting itself in our election process and allow voters the chance to hear a serious presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina!


-Katie Hughes
Communications Director
CARLY for America