Carly For America - New Parody Video: "Anybody But Carly (ABC)" Network

MANCHESTER, NH - CARLY for America released a parody video, "Anybody But Carly (ABC)” Network.

"We made a parody of ABC and Disney just like they made a parody out of our debate process. The arbitrary standards set by ABC lack grounding or knowledge of the political process or respect for the role New Hampshire voters play in the First in the Nation Primary. Despite not being included in the last debate Carly beat two establishment favorites and she will do so again on Tuesday. 

“The standards set by Disney's ABC are so arbitrary and nonsensical one is left to believe they must be purposeful to protect Hillary from her most effective critic. The Manhattan media executives need to swallow their pride and do what is right by voters. Disney, ABC, and the RNC need to stop rigging the game and must listen to voters and include Carly," said Stephen DeMaura, Executive Director of CARLY for America

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"Saturday on ABC, the Anybody But Carly Network: The Republican Presidential Debate. Tune in as we exclude Carly Fiorina but include people she beat. 

"On Anybody But Carly, we rig the game.

"She's rising in the polls, beat Kasich and Christie in Iowa, tied with Bush in delegates.

"And unlike all of them, she has actually won debates before. Taking it to Hillary Clinton like nobody else can.

"But on Disney's ABC, we've frozen Carly out. 

"Turned the debate inside out. 

"All part of our Mickey Mouse operation." `