NH AG Objects to Amicus Brief in Carl Robert Gibson Case

Amicus Curie Brief

Regarding State v. Carl Robert Gibson

Docket # 217-2015-CR

Merrimack Superior                                                                                                  April 11, 2016


   Now comes Edward Naile, 61 Tubbs Hill Rd., Deering NH, 03244, a registered Democrat voter in Hillsborough County, NH and requests the Court accept this Amicus Curie Brief regarding one Carl Robert Gibson, purportedly of 26 Summit Street in Concord who is awaiting trial for alleged violations of RSA666.6, RSA629:1 and RSA650:40, stemming from what has been described by him as a prank after a few beers on May 14, 2015.

I would like to add to this case evidence of what I believe is Carl Robert Gibson’s (Gibson) long established record of political theater and activism, some of which borders on deliberate criminal action. And in support says:

1.      Mr. Gibson started voting in NH in 2012’s November General Election when he was in this state campaigning against Congressman Frank Guinta. He registered same-day in Manchester and has remained a current, active voter, registered in Concord at 26 Summit St.

2.      Mr. Gibson travels all over the United States working on various campaigns and political issues.

3.      On April, 2 of 2013 Gibson registered and voted in the Wisconsin statewide election for Supreme Court members there. (Exhibit A) He maintained that he lived at 244 W. Lakelawn Place in Madison.

4.      Previous to declaring Madison Wisconsin his legal domicile and after declaring Concord, NH his legal domicile on November 6, 2012, Gibson renewed his Kentucky Driver’s License on November 11, 2012, which under Ky. Statutes must be done in person. Gibson used his parent’s home as his legal domicile for that license. (Exhibit B)

5.      He also registered to vote in Ct. on April 24, 2012 at the address of 49-1 Seaside Lane, Old Lyme Ct. where the car he was driving in 2015 was registered when he was arrested in NH. Plate # 969-ZTG.

6.      Mr. Gibson claims this event in NH which led to his arrest was a prank but he has a history of political pranks which could best be described as dirty tricks if not criminal activity. One such stunt, in April of 2011, was his creation of a fake web identity to publish a press release claiming General Electric was voluntarily paying $3 billion dollars in back taxes to the US Government. (Exhibit C).

7.      Another stunt was to give private, inter-office Mississippi Public Radio documents to his friends to publish. (Exhibit D). In the story he regrets using a traceable email – something he still had not quite mastered in NH in 2015.

8.      Mr. Gibson has arrests from four other states where he was involved in political activities. He regularly publishes his videos on You Tube and web sites. One he posted in Chicago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMzc2M728r0 shows him from inside the police wagon with a cell phone he had hidden away.

9.      Another arrest in Wisconsin is posted on You Tube as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS0qPqnTZNY

10.  Mr. Gibson’s arrest in Wisconsin in 2013 aligns with his voter registration claim of domicile for voting, while being a registered voter in NH.

11.  Gibson was arrested in New York in September of 2012 during a protest. The article he wrote about it clams he lived in Ct. (Exhibit E).

12.  He was arrested in July of 2013 in North Carolina at a Moral Monday March. He posted an article on the web about his arrest. (Exhibit F)

13.  Mr. Gibson’s political career includes writing about politics and his involvement in political events. He came to NH for the express reason of involving himself in specific political campaigns. He is not domiciled here. He is a lawful resident of Kentucky by Kentucky statute:

Kentucky Revised Statutes

KRS Chapter 186 The KRS database was last updated on 12/15/2015

186.010 Definitions.

(12) "Resident" means any person who has established Kentucky as his or her state of domicile. Proof of residency shall include but not be limited to a deed or property tax bill, utility agreement or utility bill, or rental housing agreement. The possession by an operator of a vehicle of a valid Kentucky operator's license shall be primafacie evidence that the operator is a resident of Kentucky.

14. When taking an objective look at Gibson’s past political actions it is clear he is no hapless volunteer who, after a few beers, engaged in a foolish prank. Gibson is a seasoned, professional campaigner and political activist who knew full well that making a specific public utterance, with calculated timing, would suppress the total vote of the targeted candidate.

15. As is his pattern of behavior, he has moved from his 26 Summit St. residence to a place unknown to the public.


I believe the Court should take into consideration the above stated facts – which are only a sample of what can be found regarding Mr. Gibson and his aggressive political activities. Everyone has a right to engage in politics but not by diminishing others rights by false claims and picking and choosing elections in which he wants to vote, through interstate voting and multiple registrations.



I hereby verify the above statements are true to the best of my ability




I hereby certify a copy of this document was delivered to the opposing party.





Earl of Metzler = Loser In RTK

Timberlane Regional School District Member, Donna Green, represented by the Douglass Law Firm, has prevailed in an appeal of a Superior Court case involving the Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A. This was a case that never should Have gone to Superior Court let alone be appealed.

But this is New Hampshire and our court system is broken.

Donna Green - remember, she is on the Timberlane School Board, has a web site that publishes information about Timberlane Regional.  And along with data, events, and information, she reports on its incompetent and combative superintendent, Earl Metzler.

Mr. Metzler is, for the most part, a sports enthusiast and takes every opportunity to make an “I’m smarter than you” challenge out of the most mundane chores involved in running a school. He has a very high opinion of himself – except when the little boy in him runs to the police every time he feels his bully tactics are not working on subordinates or opponents. I know this because he tried that technique on me as well as WLMW 90.7 FM talk show host, Rich Girard. We can be very aggravating to a person with the limitations of Earl Metzler. But we never sent him threats in the mail, as he suggested to Plaistow Police a while back.

This Supreme Court win by Donna Green comes in several parts.

The first part is the standard conflict generated by Earl Metzler and anyone he perceives stands in his way. He was not about to give Donna Green anything she wanted easily.

The second part is Metzler’s desire for secrecy. He has some questionable hiring of relatives and trouble answering questions about budgets etc. in his time at Timberlane.

Metzler would love to be the guy who’s case set the court precedent for all municipalities and schools  that budgets in electronic form are exempt from RSA 91-A – even though a committee was set up several years ago by the Legislature to settle that question and make hem easily accessible.

Next we have a Superior Court Judge, appointed by Governor Hassan just a few years ago, who could not look at this issue without finding for Metzler and the school. I should say EVERY school that wants to keep million dollar budgets from inquiring taxpayer eyes on the internet. This Judge could not wrap his mind around the simple intent of The Right to Know Law - and then I saw it. He graduated from Yale. That explains everything about making the simple complicated and anti-taxpayer.

Then it is off to the NH State Supreme Court where Metzler and his anti-public information agenda never thought they would have to go. They figured a loss at Superior would be a win and that would be that.


Donna Green and her amazing husband are made of a rare commodity combo, strength, determination and smarts.

Now the Court should take a long hard look at RSA 91-A and award Donna Green her court costs, as is intended when a fly speck drags a taxpayer into one of these legal nightmares for no other reason than arrogance.

Satire and Hypotheticals - Instead of Facts

I went to the Merrimack Superior Court hearing on a motion to dismiss and motion to quash, filed by several attorneys, in the open and shut case of vote suppressor, Carl Robert Gibson:

1.      Creating a fake email address one letter off of a candidate’s real email.

2.      Filing fake press releases with the copycat email.

3.      Filing those fake, imposter emails with local media days before the special election.

4.      Attempting to lower the voter turnout of supporters of the candidate he was impersonating by saying she was dropping out of the race because of college work demands.

5.      Carl Robert Gibson admitted to such when called by a reporter who wrote the story and published it.

That case turned into and endless spinning of hypothetical situations in which Gibson was really trying to inform the public that by voting for a college student they may be voting for someone who may leave the office if elected.

In another motion, a separate lawyer for Gibson was arguing that the reporter might not want to testify in this case and it would dampen the first amendment activities of the press should he have to do so. The even dumber argument was about confidential sources – which was not in play in this case at all. They simply want to gut the best evidence the State has against Gibson – his admitting after the fact that he did fake the press releases.

Judge McNamara was, when he wasn’t inventing new, irrelevant, hypothetical situations about other instances about satire, criminalization of speech, and what cow kicked over what lamp, was eating it all up.

He said this is a very complicated case and suggested it might be best to let the Supreme Court look it over.

Here is one statute involved in this complicated case, RSA 666.6:

666:6 False Documents, Names or Endorsement. –  Any person who shall, without authority, sign the name of any other person to any letter or other document, or falsely represent that any other has written such letter or document, knowing such representation to be false, for the purpose of influencing votes, or who shall by false representation, use, employ or assign the name of any other person, or a fictitious name on a radio or television broadcast or other means of communication, to signify endorsement of a political party, candidates or programs, or, for the purpose of influencing votes, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

 Real complicated.

Now for what is obvious.

Judge McNamara was either pulling some sort of slow torture on Gibson’s attorneys by not laughing when one of them used the Boston Globe fake headline about “President Trump” as evidence of what Gibson was trying to do. Maybe he thought it was better to string them along like their argument was sane.

But this is New Hampshire and we are known for bad courts.

I filed an Amicus Brief right before the hearing.

The judge has discretion as to whether he will use it.

In any case, this is far from over.

Baptized With Tax Dollars

The Democrat Attorney’s General for 15 states, DC and the Virgin Islands have started an effort to criminalize any opposition to Man-Made Global Warmingism. Their new church is called “The House of AGs United for Clean Power.”

Say Hallelujah!

California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington State, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands all have a temple in their capital buildings. This where state meets religion for real.

Can they be prosecuted for conspiracy to violate the First Amendment?

Sure they can.

They have proven it is now fashionable.


You Tube Censorship?

Not Here.

This in From Dave Ridley:

What is probably one of New Hampshire's top five most popular YouTube vids...faces attempted suppression. My million-hit clip shows a pro-Medicare-expansion activist on a public Concord sidewalk, reporting her political opponents to police because they "have signs here" and "aren't with us."  I've just received an e-mail, apparently from YouTube, which claims that someone has complained to them asking the vid be taken down.  I have declined to do so.  Presumably Google administrators will make the final decision whether to suppress it.  Here's the clip: 



"Cop corrects liberal snitch who reported her political opponents (Concord, NH)"


Phillips Exeter To Investigate Teacher Sex Scandel - Limited To Five Years

The letter below was posted on the Phillips Exeter website, by someone supposedly in charge. It is one of the first public announcements since the abrupt departure of NH’S First Gentleman, Tom Hassan, who was the principal during the time a well - regarded, aren’t they all, faculty member admitted having sex with students in the 70’s and 80’s:


As our community reels from the troubling news regarding former faculty member Rick Schubart's actions in the 1970s and 1980s, our thoughts remain with the victims, and I commend their continued strength and courage.

In my recent communications, I have stated that Exeter’s strength rests upon the trust between students and adults on campus. Any violations of the safety, trust and well-being of members of our school community are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We will be asking for a third-party review of the processes that occurred in 2011 and 2015 to understand what might have been done differently, and what we can learn and apply to strengthen our process for the future.

With anything of such import, Exonians engage in thoughtful conversation, and that is what helps to sustain and renew our community. I know there are many such discussions taking place on campus, online and in person. We encourage this ongoing dialogue, and we want to support it with as much information and context as possible. To that end, we are sharing with you the communications the Academy has released to date regarding Mr. Schubart's sexual misconduct. Included is contact information and resources for victims of sexual misconduct and for PEA community members who would like to speak with me or someone else on campus.

The work we do to protect and educate our students is of vital importance, and therefore ongoing. We have included some examples of that work and will no doubt add to that list as we process the lessons we have learned from this current situation and take the necessary steps to ensure that it is not repeated.

Lisa MacFarlane

Principal Instructor

And now come the questions of responsibility for covering up the sexual activity between a student and teacher at the academy which occurred sometime between 1970 and 2011when it supposedly first came to light under the watchful eye of NH Governor Maggie Hassan’s husband, Tom Hassan. Both of the Hassan’s lived at the facility in campus housing. That housing situation is why, in my opinion, the two Hassan’s cannot be separated from the long running sex scandal.

In this case the sex scandal was uncovered by the Boston Globe. No “major” NH media would touch a story like this. The Globe was doing an investigation into such incidents at private schools. The stories of sex scandals at churches being nearly exhausted, sex scandals at private schools was an issue now in the paper’s sights.

For some history of the Globe’s sex/church scandals look here:


For a brief look at sex scandals and the pattern of secrecy and protection of the school staff above the protection of students look here:


I guess it was a matter of time before Phillips Exeter was found out – but how?

Did the Globe get inside information regarding a court case?

Was the sudden departure of long time employees the trigger for the Globe or did they dig up some court documents from a previous court case or settlement?

How did the NH press miss this – or did they?

The national press will have to pick this up some time. A sitting governor running for the US Senate is involved.

The Republican Party phone-jamming scandal lasted at least eight years. This should be worth a few weeks of coverage. Don’t you think?


Carl Robert Gibson Strolls To Court

Great News!!!!

Low life dirt ball vote thief Carl Robert Gibson, of Kentucky and Wisconsin, voting from Concord NH, occasionally, is another month closer to his jury trial. His most recent arrest on May 15 last year was for voter suppression here in NH.

Carl will be dropped off or walking to Merrimack Superior Court on Monday, April 11 at 1 pm. I hope he is laughing all the way to this courthouse like he does when he is arrested in other states. The total is eight, so far? Just Google Carl Robert Gibson and his many laughing arrest photos pop up. He is such a jokester.

I was in Concord last week and pulled his file - Carl’s criminal file, that is.

You know what I could not find? Not even the helpful girl behind the counter could find it either. I could not find Carl’s new address? Carl no longer “lives” at his 26 Summit Street mobile voter domicile. (See: NH former Strafford County Superior Court Judge, Screwy Lewis, for that definition.)

Aren’t you supposed to let the Court know you wandered off? Shouldn’t Carl leave me a few bread crumbs, just to keep track of him? The NH news media has forgotten Carl. I haven’t.

Another thing I checked on while I was keeping track of one of Bernie Sander’s campaign transients. Are you ready for this?

Carl Robert Gibson did not vote in NEW HAMPSHIRE in the primary here in November.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? The consummate political animal, writer, author, defendant, interstate voter and MoveOn.NHBlackLivesMatterSymbioneseLiberationArmyUSuncutJerkOff forgot to vote?

In Carl’s defense. He may have voted in one of the other states he is registered to vote in. I need to look that up. But for an active guy like C. Robert to NOT vote in NH is quite stunning.

Maybe he didn’t want to show his Kentucky Driver’s License that expires in May. That could be it.

NH has strict new Vote ID laws that are cleaning up our crooked elections. That may have scared him off.

I’ll ask him if it comes up on Monday.

Courts and Standoffs

Jerry Delemus, of Rochester, NH is denied bail in the Bundy standoff case and will stay in a Federal prison until trial and/or until he admits man-made global warming is real.


Meanwhile, in Louisiana, another judge, Orleans Parish Judge Arthur Hunter Jr., is in a standoff with the legislature and governor over spending and taxing. Rather than a speedy trial for defendants this judge wants more money for free lawyers.


Back to NH.

Carl Robert Gibson, of Kentucky, awaits trial here in New Hampshire for vote suppression and has a free, court-appointed lawyer who filed a motion to dismiss based on Carl’s First Amendment Right to impersonate a candidate. The taxpayers will pick that tab up.

Our State Supreme Court in New Hampshire just ruled that a teacher can help facilitate the rape of a 15 year old who was a student at her school, by being the minor’s self-appointed legal guardian. The Court is in a stand-off with the parent’s right to raise their child.

And in the current NH State Supreme Court case, Judge Lynn, the only real, unbiased judge on the NH State Supra, is in a stand-off with the other judges in a 10 page dissent.


And In The Beginning...

Tennessee State Senators in a 19-8 vote have passed a measure to make The Bible the state book – going along with a former law that made the .50 caliber sniper rifle the state rifle.

Welcome to government by the people. That white powder all over the legislature’s floor isn’t cocaine or anthrax, its ground teeth pouring out of the mouths of progressives – and some who feel the measure diminishes The Bible.


If the Tennessee Legislature continues this, in your moonbat face legislating, liberals may not want to move to that state – or they might move out!

Heaven forbid!

Next, West Virginia will change its Martin Luther King Day to “Martin Luther King – Senator Byrd Day”.

In defense of Tennessee State Senators the state constitution says:

"no preference shall ever be given, by law, to any religious establishment or mode of worship."

And in fact, Tennessee Legislators are not adopting or establishing a religion, or a mode of worship. They are recognizing a book. Don’t liberals think The Bible is just a book? It would be different if it was the progressive bible written by Darwin. Now there is a real religion for you – “Man was created from dust”.

Welcome to Tennessee 2016. (And they have no income tax.)

The Corey Lewandowski Trial Of The Century

The Michelle Fields v. Corey Lewandowski incident still has legs so let’s go over some very simple public documents and statements.

Just for fun.

Here is the criminal police report including statements made by Fields and the witness, Ben Terris:


Next we have the article Fields wrote just after her fifteen minutes of fame:


In the Field's story printed in Breitbart she says, right off the bat, that Trump was walking over to talk to her.

“I wasn’t called upon to ask a question during the televised press conference, but afterwards Trump wandered around, stopping at every reporter to take their questions. When he approached me, I asked him about his view on an aspect of affirmative action.”

I must have missed the video where Mr. Trump approached Ms. Fields. It looked like she was following him for several yards and reached up to put her hand on Trump’s left arm.

In the police report she corrects her story and says Trump was walking towards the exit and taking questions. That matches what the multiple tapes show, and specifically what the Trump Security tape showed.

When Michelle gets her day in court she can explain that difference – which is critical because she put herself in a position to touch Mr. Trump. Then we get to hear from the Secret Service agents who were there when Fields walked between them and Trump.

Fields also says in her Breitbart story that she was almost thrown to the ground and mentions "thrown or pulled" to the ground several times.

“Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken.

The Washington Post’s Ben Terris immediately remarked that it was Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who aggressively tried to pull me to the ground. I quickly turned around and saw Lewandowski and Trump exiting the building together. No apology. No explanation for why he did this. 

Even if Trump was done taking questions, Lewandowski would be out of line. Campaign managers aren’t supposed to try to forcefully throw reporters to the ground, no matter the circumstance. But what made this especially jarring is that there was no hint Trump was done taking questions. No one was pushing him to get away. He seemed to have been happily answering queries from my fellow reporters just a moment before.”

Anyone reading Ms. Fields story, or hearing about the incident, might come to the conclusion that someone was “almost thrown to the ground”.  The tapes don’t show that.

Ben Terris, the other reporter, also saw some “throwing to the ground” according to tapes Fields allegedly taken at the moment of the alleged physical assault, which were admitted as evidence in her criminal complaint.

Here is what Terris and Fields were saying moments after the incident.

Fields: “Mr. Trump, you went after the late Scalia for affirmative action, do you -- are you still against affirmative action?"

Voice (allegedly Corey Lewandowski): “Excuse me, thank you.”

A few moments later (noise of the room can be heard)...

Terris: “You OK?"

Fields: “Holy sh*t."

Terris: “Yea he just threw you."

Fields: “I can’t believe he just did that that was so hard. Was that Corey?"

Terris: “Yeah, like, what threat were you?"

Fields: "That was insane. You should have felt how hard he grabbed me. That's insane. I’ve never had anyone do that to me from a campaign."

Terris: “Can I put that in my story?"

Fields: “Yeah, go for it — that was really awful. That’s so unprofessional.”

Terris: “He really just almost threw you on the ground."

Fields: “He literally went like this and was grabbing me down. "I don’t even want to do what he just did to me. Oh my God, that really spooked me that someone would do that."

Terris: “What threat were you?"

Fields: “Nothing. I was asking about affirmative action."

Terris: “And he probably knows you, right?"

Fields: “Yeah, I don’t understand. That looks horrible. You’re going after a Breitbart reporter, the people who are nicest to you?"

Terris: “I know, I’m going to put it in my story."

The two stop talking. Din/noise of people talking, glasses clinking continue through end of the recording.

This post has been updated to include the audio and to clean up the transcript.

Hadas Gold is a reporter at Politico.


Hadas Gold

hgold@politico.com @hadas_gold


But the “throwing to the ground” statements on the tape become - her arm was "pulled or yanked".

The most interesting thing about this whole charade is that you can clearly see on several videos, Terris saying something to Corey seconds after the attempted pull to the ground – but there is no mention of this by Terris in the police report?

The cops didn’t even ask the, so far, only witness about an exchange of words between the witness and suspect in a battery case? Remember Fields claimed at first she didn’t know who tried to pull her to the ground – but the tapes clearly show she was looking right into Corey’s face from a foot away. I imagine the reason Fields did not press the charge of aggravated battery, which is what was claimed at first, is because she barely has a prayer of getting a misdemeanor battery case.

The trial should be interesting. Corey’s defense will be he had no intent to pull Fields to the ground – as all the videos and still shots show. He appears to be pushing through the scrum, just like everyone else, to get with Trump, which is his job.

My thinking is if Michelle Fields and Ben Terris were not such liars and asked for an apology from Corey for touching or pulling her arm they would have gotten it.

But to set a guy up to apologize for a faked physical assault – then ask him to confirm it by apologizing is a bit much.





Mrs. Bill Clinton - On Persons And Children

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Evolving Abortion Stance

Mr. Bill Clinton was expounding on the constitutionality of unborn “persons” the other day.


She said unborn persons have no rights – but called them persons? I am confused. What are they then in ClintonWorld?

Tumors, let’s call them tumors – tumors caused by – something. A disease maybe. Maybe the unborn tumors are really a disease – like alcoholism.

Two people get together and one catches a virus from another and you have a disease. You are cured from the disease when the person is born and becomes a – child?

Let’s move on. Progressives make my head spin when they speak English.

Next, after stating that unborn “persons” have no constitutional rights she says:

“Now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t do everything we possibly can in the vast majority of instances to help a mother who is carrying a child and wants to make sure that child will be healthy, to have appropriate medical support,” she said.”

Translation: Unborn personchildren have a right to healthcare.

Here is the difference between a “an unborn person” with no rights and a woman “carrying a child”.

One is a bow towards the alter of abortion on demand donation$ – where all true progressives worship.

And the other is a hat tip to the welfare state that buys the votes of the 47%.

If Hillary’s stance on persons, children, and abortion seem confusing and self-serving just follow the money and the votes.

That is what all Clintons do.



Progressives On Defense In Small Towns

Oh no!

Mormons want to build a community in the Vermont towns New Yorkers took from the locals back in the sixties. How about that for a reversal of fortunes.

Story about a planned Mormon community here:


If 20,000 Mormons move to some small Vermont towns it could upset the smart set. Let’s hope the trust fund locals can adjust their exclusive zoning to prevent, from happening to them, what was done to the original Vermonter’s back in the sixties - when the locals were priced, regulated and zoned out of town.

Nothing like a good old fashioned turf war between the Stars of Star Bucks and the Latter Day Saints.

Just as liberal college towns determine the political representation of taxpayers in their districts, the Mormons could quite well send some more conservative representation to Burlington and beyond.

A similar story is unfolding in Minnesota where new Somali refugees are flexing their political muscle. And one Brooklyn, NY transplant, Phyllis Kahn, who holds office doesn’t like it one bit:


Conservatives can learn from these types of events. Rather than just sit back and complain about new people changing the political make-up and tax structure of small towns like conservative did, progressives who claim to like change and racial diversity are not about to sit back and lose political power to minorities and religious organizations. No way!

It might be time to invest in some Vermont property if this Mormon development becomes a reality. But the Minnesota town where the Somali’s hold campaign events in their own language – no thanks. Let Phyllis Kahn learn a new language. She can speak Somali with a Brooklyn accent.


Welcome to NHInsider.com

Under new - not tech savvy - ownership.

So bear with me as I get some help and post some NH news, stories and opinion.

I started writing for NHInsider back in 2005 and hated to see it retire along with our administrator Bob DeMaura so here we are thanking Bob and hoping to pick up and take off with what he has created.

My goal is to let readers have some inside information about NH - from NH activists, writers, and political observers. We have a great perch here in this small state from which to comment on politics and small, citizen involved government.

We will always be looking for new writers so contact us if you have something to say, thick skin, a sense of humor, and would like to enter the fray.

Ed Naile


How To Catch A NH Vote Thief - Veritas!


The new Project Veritas Action video is out. The star of this video is Hugo E. Palma of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here is how we, I had a small part, caught Hugo E. Palma voting in Manchester, NH illegally from 345 Cilley Rd.

The Project Veritas Action journalists met Hugo and filmed him talking about voting in NH. It is a long and detailed capture.

Veritas emailed me and said we have a “Hugo” but no last name. I did a search on the internet using the same techniques The Coalition of NH Taxpayers usually does and came up with the possible last name and forwarded that back to Veritas and also sent the name to our background search guy, John.

John, in about fifteen minutes had “Hugo Eloy Palma Jr.” in Colorado for us, with about a half dozen former residences.

Once I had Hugo Palma’s birth date, DOB: 10/31/1988, and possible domicile in Colorado Springs from John. I contacted the County Clerk of El Paso County and confirmed Hugo E. Palma Jr. was a registered voter there.

All of this was sent to Veritas for their use and confirmation.

Now all I had to do was put Hugo in my dirt bag lowlife vote thief file. When I went to do that I found he was already in there as simply Hugo Palma!

Back in December, one of my regular contacts sent me Hugo’s name because he thought he looked like a possible interstate voter. That email had an email Hugo sent to Bernie Sanders supporters asking for temporary homes for about 200 Bernie Sanders volunteers. Along with that official Sanders Campaign email was a heartfelt thanks to “Gary and Beth” who were putting him up during the campaign and feeding him.

The Veritas journalists had a hint that Hugo was living in Warner so they asked me to bird dog it.

I went to Warner and checked the entire list of voters with those two first names – there were two.

Next, I went to 88 Waldron Hill Rd. and there were Bernie Signs and bumper stickers. Eventually the Colorado registered car showed up and I got the number from it.

Hugo is so arrogant he posted a picture of himself holding an absentee ballot as he was voting from a town hall – we did not know where but thought it might be Manchester.

Our most trusted contact in Manchester went in Manchester and confirmed Hugo was voting from Manchester City Hall. It should be noted that at this time no one knew I was working with Veritas so we had to tell our Manchester contact what was going on. He also got us the list of people who would have voted when Hugo was stealing his NH vote.

Then we had 345 Cilley Rd. - and others who used that address.

The address was an unannounced Bernie Sanders Headquarters. The officials Sanders H.Q. for Manchester 2016 was supposed to be on Hanover St.

Hugo was officially in the bag – and so is Ass. Attorney General Steven Labonte if he doesn’t legitimately, and without intent to lose, prosecute this scum bag.


Castro's Tractor Factory

Obama’s singlehanded, executive foreign policy of recognizing Cuba is paying off in the recent move of an American tractor company to the island paradise.


This means the Castro bothers will have some more loot for their billion dollar Swiss Bank accounts. They always take a piece of the action like all good little dictators find a way to do.

It will be nice to see the Cubans driving around in shiny new tractors. It has been a long time since American goods were so plentiful there.

The last time America gave Cuba so much farm equipment was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Every school child knows that JFK and his brother stared down the Soviets and made them promise to remove Soviet nuclear missiles from Cuba back in the sixties. But most people don’t know we handed over $63 million dollars to Castro as well.

The Cuban Missile Crisis Payoff didn’t happen over night. It took a long time to get the $63 million to Cuba because it wasn’t in a cashier’s check – it was in farm equipment and medicine.

That Cuban Missile Crisis sure paid off for Castro – just like this new deal from Obama.

Weak leaders make bad deals. History proves it over and over.

Supreme Court Openings - For All

Now we have the predictable angst about the passing of one of the last US Supreme Court Justices.

If and when Obama appoints some closet communist to the US Supra, America simply starts another debate from which the public will learn very hard lessons.

Our rights do not come from a liberal Supreme Court.

Americans are born with God given natural rights protected by the US Constitution. When progressives come by the ability to use the US Supreme Court to impose their will on others – that is what socialism and communism do by nature – people will eventually refuse to obey and the court will lose its temporary standing.

Communism and socialism fail everywhere they are tried. Those dangerous ideologies will fail here faster when people feel the results firsthand.

We are living in a nation swallowed in debt. What will the Left inherit through even more unconstitutional orders from a pet court?

1. Rulings people will not follow.

2. Mountains of financial turmoil they can not borrow or print their way out of.

3. A black market economy.

4. A hardened, informed, political opposition not dependant on a limp political party for protection.

5. And an ever increasing demand for more from an emboldened, angry, minority they have exploited for decades.

As an example, Rahm Emanuel, like many leftists, is great at grabbing and exerting power. But he avoids the basics of morality and the history of human nature involved in representative government - to the detriment of citizens he swayed to vote for him.

Socialism and communism are political examples of the dark, evil side of human nature. They will not work in the US Supreme Court without a price. 

Tired Of Having Your Vote Stolen?

It’s Friday here in NH and the main stream media have finally gotten around to publishing some “hard hitting” news about voter fraud in the NH Presidential Primary. Some media outlets have had the news from the creator of the embarrassing undercover videos, Project Veritas Action,  since Tuesday evening.

Friday seems to be enough time to do the documented voter fraud story about some election officials and campaign workers coaching potential voters on how to skirt NH Election Laws.

Expecting the NH main stream media to produce any meaningful news about NH voter fraud is like sitting on your hands waiting for the NH AG’s Office to investigate it. In the 15 years The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has been documenting voter fraud nothing in NH has gotten any better. To the contrary. It is much worse. Unless your candidates win because if out-of-state voters.

Some people in NH would like to wake up Monday morning next week and have this all go away – again.

Great news domiciled NH voters, taxpayers, and candidates! There are more videos coming. And they are worse than what you have seen so far. The rest of the voter fraud camel is about to walk inside our big “let anyone vote” tent.

I have seen a collection of what Project Veritas Action has produced and it will be stunning.

So sit back with a pen and paper and write down all the names of the people who let this happen so we can exact some real election “change” in a few months.

In NH we have an ever growing cabal of bloggers and talk radio hosts itching to give NH voters every bit of evidence of rampant voter fraud and dereliction of duty by those entrusted with prosecuting it.

That is one thing about NH voter fraud that has gotten much better.

Project Veritas in NH 2016

The last time Project Veritas was in NH it was 2012 and they were going polling place to polling place stating the name of a deceased voter to ballot clerks who would look up the name, ask if the address was correct and attempt to hand the Project Veritas journalist a ballot. That hit a nerve with NH voters.

Naturally, the NH AG went after James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. In the end, Richard

Head of the NH AG’s Office begged of that stupid idea. James remained a free man.

But some other interesting things occurred during that 2012 investigation.

Some far left organizations petitioned the NH AG to prosecute James O’Keefe. The Daily Kos was one of those entities.

Funny that should be the case. A left wing blog trying, by petition, tried to get a hapless AG Office to charge a journalist with a crime when one of their own favorite writers was here stealing a NH vote.

Remember Jared Steven Cram the Wilton NH vote thief who is now an election official in the City of Philadelphia?

Well in 2012 he was her campaigning for Barak Hussein Obama instead of back home in Pa. voting where had recently done in the Pa Primary.

Jared Steven Cram even wrote a long article for the daily Kos about stealing a NH vote. Here it is:


And if you follow the comments section of vote thief Jared Steven Cram’s article you will come to another interesting bit of video showing a former college professor at UNH, and at the time a Durham Town Councilor, asking students how they will vote and if they know where the town hall is. This is the kind of thing that would get me arrested by the NH Attorney General if I tried it. I am not so stupid as to walk up and down a line of out-of-state voters with a camera asking if they are going to vote the right way.

On the other hand, Julian Smith, (the bearded, creepy-looking guy)is an arrogant low life who knows he has a free ride in Durham because it is a college town. And college towns have the most weak of minds on display when it comes to voting.

Here is the video of what should be called voter intimidation:




For Every Out-of-State Vote, A NH Citizen Loses Theirs

Some of you may have seen the Project Veritas video released this morning showing their investigator journalists, who were posing as out-of-state campaign workers, being coached and offered information on how to vote illegally in NH.

Remember, this is a Federal Election, not a town meeting or state election. Federal law prohibits interstate voting – no matter what NH election officials, the NH AG, or Secretary of State say.


Pay close attention to the phrase “duly qualified resident.” It is the same requirement imposed by every significant domicile court case.

If you don’t think Federal Laws pre-empt NH statutes or “interpretations” of NH Statutes then look at the NH AG’s attempted prosecution of Charlie Bass for robo-calls in 2010. FEC regulations supersede NH statutes in Federal elections. That is just the way it is. But even after being shot down by a NH Superior Court the AG went ahead and appealed to the NH Supra to try and charge Bass with robo-call violations.

As Project Veritas releases more video you will hear from elected officials, party activists and campaign workers that it is “perfectly legal” for-out-of state campaign workers and students to vote in NH.

Not so.

If NH continues to allow, promote, and encourage out-of-state voters in our election is in conflict wit Federal Laws and the laws of the states the out-of-state voter is bound by in his lawful domicile.

NH can not keep doing this and keep its presidential primary.