For Every Out-of-State Vote, A NH Citizen Loses Theirs

Some of you may have seen the Project Veritas video released this morning showing their investigator journalists, who were posing as out-of-state campaign workers, being coached and offered information on how to vote illegally in NH.

Remember, this is a Federal Election, not a town meeting or state election. Federal law prohibits interstate voting – no matter what NH election officials, the NH AG, or Secretary of State say.

Pay close attention to the phrase “duly qualified resident.” It is the same requirement imposed by every significant domicile court case.

If you don’t think Federal Laws pre-empt NH statutes or “interpretations” of NH Statutes then look at the NH AG’s attempted prosecution of Charlie Bass for robo-calls in 2010. FEC regulations supersede NH statutes in Federal elections. That is just the way it is. But even after being shot down by a NH Superior Court the AG went ahead and appealed to the NH Supra to try and charge Bass with robo-call violations.

As Project Veritas releases more video you will hear from elected officials, party activists and campaign workers that it is “perfectly legal” for-out-of state campaign workers and students to vote in NH.

Not so.

If NH continues to allow, promote, and encourage out-of-state voters in our election is in conflict wit Federal Laws and the laws of the states the out-of-state voter is bound by in his lawful domicile.

NH can not keep doing this and keep its presidential primary.