Project Veritas in NH 2016

The last time Project Veritas was in NH it was 2012 and they were going polling place to polling place stating the name of a deceased voter to ballot clerks who would look up the name, ask if the address was correct and attempt to hand the Project Veritas journalist a ballot. That hit a nerve with NH voters.

Naturally, the NH AG went after James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. In the end, Richard

Head of the NH AG’s Office begged of that stupid idea. James remained a free man.

But some other interesting things occurred during that 2012 investigation.

Some far left organizations petitioned the NH AG to prosecute James O’Keefe. The Daily Kos was one of those entities.

Funny that should be the case. A left wing blog trying, by petition, tried to get a hapless AG Office to charge a journalist with a crime when one of their own favorite writers was here stealing a NH vote.

Remember Jared Steven Cram the Wilton NH vote thief who is now an election official in the City of Philadelphia?

Well in 2012 he was her campaigning for Barak Hussein Obama instead of back home in Pa. voting where had recently done in the Pa Primary.

Jared Steven Cram even wrote a long article for the daily Kos about stealing a NH vote. Here it is:

And if you follow the comments section of vote thief Jared Steven Cram’s article you will come to another interesting bit of video showing a former college professor at UNH, and at the time a Durham Town Councilor, asking students how they will vote and if they know where the town hall is. This is the kind of thing that would get me arrested by the NH Attorney General if I tried it. I am not so stupid as to walk up and down a line of out-of-state voters with a camera asking if they are going to vote the right way.

On the other hand, Julian Smith, (the bearded, creepy-looking guy)is an arrogant low life who knows he has a free ride in Durham because it is a college town. And college towns have the most weak of minds on display when it comes to voting.

Here is the video of what should be called voter intimidation: