Tired Of Having Your Vote Stolen?

It’s Friday here in NH and the main stream media have finally gotten around to publishing some “hard hitting” news about voter fraud in the NH Presidential Primary. Some media outlets have had the news from the creator of the embarrassing undercover videos, Project Veritas Action,  since Tuesday evening.

Friday seems to be enough time to do the documented voter fraud story about some election officials and campaign workers coaching potential voters on how to skirt NH Election Laws.

Expecting the NH main stream media to produce any meaningful news about NH voter fraud is like sitting on your hands waiting for the NH AG’s Office to investigate it. In the 15 years The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has been documenting voter fraud nothing in NH has gotten any better. To the contrary. It is much worse. Unless your candidates win because if out-of-state voters.

Some people in NH would like to wake up Monday morning next week and have this all go away – again.

Great news domiciled NH voters, taxpayers, and candidates! There are more videos coming. And they are worse than what you have seen so far. The rest of the voter fraud camel is about to walk inside our big “let anyone vote” tent.

I have seen a collection of what Project Veritas Action has produced and it will be stunning.

So sit back with a pen and paper and write down all the names of the people who let this happen so we can exact some real election “change” in a few months.

In NH we have an ever growing cabal of bloggers and talk radio hosts itching to give NH voters every bit of evidence of rampant voter fraud and dereliction of duty by those entrusted with prosecuting it.

That is one thing about NH voter fraud that has gotten much better.