Castro's Tractor Factory

Obama’s singlehanded, executive foreign policy of recognizing Cuba is paying off in the recent move of an American tractor company to the island paradise.

This means the Castro bothers will have some more loot for their billion dollar Swiss Bank accounts. They always take a piece of the action like all good little dictators find a way to do.

It will be nice to see the Cubans driving around in shiny new tractors. It has been a long time since American goods were so plentiful there.

The last time America gave Cuba so much farm equipment was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Every school child knows that JFK and his brother stared down the Soviets and made them promise to remove Soviet nuclear missiles from Cuba back in the sixties. But most people don’t know we handed over $63 million dollars to Castro as well.

The Cuban Missile Crisis Payoff didn’t happen over night. It took a long time to get the $63 million to Cuba because it wasn’t in a cashier’s check – it was in farm equipment and medicine.

That Cuban Missile Crisis sure paid off for Castro – just like this new deal from Obama.

Weak leaders make bad deals. History proves it over and over.