Supreme Court Openings - For All

Now we have the predictable angst about the passing of one of the last US Supreme Court Justices.

If and when Obama appoints some closet communist to the US Supra, America simply starts another debate from which the public will learn very hard lessons.

Our rights do not come from a liberal Supreme Court.

Americans are born with God given natural rights protected by the US Constitution. When progressives come by the ability to use the US Supreme Court to impose their will on others – that is what socialism and communism do by nature – people will eventually refuse to obey and the court will lose its temporary standing.

Communism and socialism fail everywhere they are tried. Those dangerous ideologies will fail here faster when people feel the results firsthand.

We are living in a nation swallowed in debt. What will the Left inherit through even more unconstitutional orders from a pet court?

1. Rulings people will not follow.

2. Mountains of financial turmoil they can not borrow or print their way out of.

3. A black market economy.

4. A hardened, informed, political opposition not dependant on a limp political party for protection.

5. And an ever increasing demand for more from an emboldened, angry, minority they have exploited for decades.

As an example, Rahm Emanuel, like many leftists, is great at grabbing and exerting power. But he avoids the basics of morality and the history of human nature involved in representative government - to the detriment of citizens he swayed to vote for him.

Socialism and communism are political examples of the dark, evil side of human nature. They will not work in the US Supreme Court without a price.