Phillips Exeter To Investigate Teacher Sex Scandel - Limited To Five Years

The letter below was posted on the Phillips Exeter website, by someone supposedly in charge. It is one of the first public announcements since the abrupt departure of NH’S First Gentleman, Tom Hassan, who was the principal during the time a well - regarded, aren’t they all, faculty member admitted having sex with students in the 70’s and 80’s:

As our community reels from the troubling news regarding former faculty member Rick Schubart's actions in the 1970s and 1980s, our thoughts remain with the victims, and I commend their continued strength and courage.

In my recent communications, I have stated that Exeter’s strength rests upon the trust between students and adults on campus. Any violations of the safety, trust and well-being of members of our school community are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We will be asking for a third-party review of the processes that occurred in 2011 and 2015 to understand what might have been done differently, and what we can learn and apply to strengthen our process for the future.

With anything of such import, Exonians engage in thoughtful conversation, and that is what helps to sustain and renew our community. I know there are many such discussions taking place on campus, online and in person. We encourage this ongoing dialogue, and we want to support it with as much information and context as possible. To that end, we are sharing with you the communications the Academy has released to date regarding Mr. Schubart's sexual misconduct. Included is contact information and resources for victims of sexual misconduct and for PEA community members who would like to speak with me or someone else on campus.

The work we do to protect and educate our students is of vital importance, and therefore ongoing. We have included some examples of that work and will no doubt add to that list as we process the lessons we have learned from this current situation and take the necessary steps to ensure that it is not repeated.

Lisa MacFarlane

Principal Instructor

And now come the questions of responsibility for covering up the sexual activity between a student and teacher at the academy which occurred sometime between 1970 and 2011when it supposedly first came to light under the watchful eye of NH Governor Maggie Hassan’s husband, Tom Hassan. Both of the Hassan’s lived at the facility in campus housing. That housing situation is why, in my opinion, the two Hassan’s cannot be separated from the long running sex scandal.

In this case the sex scandal was uncovered by the Boston Globe. No “major” NH media would touch a story like this. The Globe was doing an investigation into such incidents at private schools. The stories of sex scandals at churches being nearly exhausted, sex scandals at private schools was an issue now in the paper’s sights.

For some history of the Globe’s sex/church scandals look here:

For a brief look at sex scandals and the pattern of secrecy and protection of the school staff above the protection of students look here:

I guess it was a matter of time before Phillips Exeter was found out – but how?

Did the Globe get inside information regarding a court case?

Was the sudden departure of long time employees the trigger for the Globe or did they dig up some court documents from a previous court case or settlement?

How did the NH press miss this – or did they?

The national press will have to pick this up some time. A sitting governor running for the US Senate is involved.

The Republican Party phone-jamming scandal lasted at least eight years. This should be worth a few weeks of coverage. Don’t you think?