Earl of Metzler = Loser In RTK

Timberlane Regional School District Member, Donna Green, represented by the Douglass Law Firm, has prevailed in an appeal of a Superior Court case involving the Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A. This was a case that never should Have gone to Superior Court let alone be appealed.

But this is New Hampshire and our court system is broken.

Donna Green - remember, she is on the Timberlane School Board, has a web site that publishes information about Timberlane Regional.  And along with data, events, and information, she reports on its incompetent and combative superintendent, Earl Metzler.

Mr. Metzler is, for the most part, a sports enthusiast and takes every opportunity to make an “I’m smarter than you” challenge out of the most mundane chores involved in running a school. He has a very high opinion of himself – except when the little boy in him runs to the police every time he feels his bully tactics are not working on subordinates or opponents. I know this because he tried that technique on me as well as WLMW 90.7 FM talk show host, Rich Girard. We can be very aggravating to a person with the limitations of Earl Metzler. But we never sent him threats in the mail, as he suggested to Plaistow Police a while back.

This Supreme Court win by Donna Green comes in several parts.

The first part is the standard conflict generated by Earl Metzler and anyone he perceives stands in his way. He was not about to give Donna Green anything she wanted easily.

The second part is Metzler’s desire for secrecy. He has some questionable hiring of relatives and trouble answering questions about budgets etc. in his time at Timberlane.

Metzler would love to be the guy who’s case set the court precedent for all municipalities and schools  that budgets in electronic form are exempt from RSA 91-A – even though a committee was set up several years ago by the Legislature to settle that question and make hem easily accessible.

Next we have a Superior Court Judge, appointed by Governor Hassan just a few years ago, who could not look at this issue without finding for Metzler and the school. I should say EVERY school that wants to keep million dollar budgets from inquiring taxpayer eyes on the internet. This Judge could not wrap his mind around the simple intent of The Right to Know Law - and then I saw it. He graduated from Yale. That explains everything about making the simple complicated and anti-taxpayer.

Then it is off to the NH State Supreme Court where Metzler and his anti-public information agenda never thought they would have to go. They figured a loss at Superior would be a win and that would be that.


Donna Green and her amazing husband are made of a rare commodity combo, strength, determination and smarts.

Now the Court should take a long hard look at RSA 91-A and award Donna Green her court costs, as is intended when a fly speck drags a taxpayer into one of these legal nightmares for no other reason than arrogance.