Progressives On Defense In Small Towns

Oh no!

Mormons want to build a community in the Vermont towns New Yorkers took from the locals back in the sixties. How about that for a reversal of fortunes.

Story about a planned Mormon community here:

If 20,000 Mormons move to some small Vermont towns it could upset the smart set. Let’s hope the trust fund locals can adjust their exclusive zoning to prevent, from happening to them, what was done to the original Vermonter’s back in the sixties - when the locals were priced, regulated and zoned out of town.

Nothing like a good old fashioned turf war between the Stars of Star Bucks and the Latter Day Saints.

Just as liberal college towns determine the political representation of taxpayers in their districts, the Mormons could quite well send some more conservative representation to Burlington and beyond.

A similar story is unfolding in Minnesota where new Somali refugees are flexing their political muscle. And one Brooklyn, NY transplant, Phyllis Kahn, who holds office doesn’t like it one bit:

Conservatives can learn from these types of events. Rather than just sit back and complain about new people changing the political make-up and tax structure of small towns like conservative did, progressives who claim to like change and racial diversity are not about to sit back and lose political power to minorities and religious organizations. No way!

It might be time to invest in some Vermont property if this Mormon development becomes a reality. But the Minnesota town where the Somali’s hold campaign events in their own language – no thanks. Let Phyllis Kahn learn a new language. She can speak Somali with a Brooklyn accent.