And In The Beginning...

Tennessee State Senators in a 19-8 vote have passed a measure to make The Bible the state book – going along with a former law that made the .50 caliber sniper rifle the state rifle.

Welcome to government by the people. That white powder all over the legislature’s floor isn’t cocaine or anthrax, its ground teeth pouring out of the mouths of progressives – and some who feel the measure diminishes The Bible.

If the Tennessee Legislature continues this, in your moonbat face legislating, liberals may not want to move to that state – or they might move out!

Heaven forbid!

Next, West Virginia will change its Martin Luther King Day to “Martin Luther King – Senator Byrd Day”.

In defense of Tennessee State Senators the state constitution says:

"no preference shall ever be given, by law, to any religious establishment or mode of worship."

And in fact, Tennessee Legislators are not adopting or establishing a religion, or a mode of worship. They are recognizing a book. Don’t liberals think The Bible is just a book? It would be different if it was the progressive bible written by Darwin. Now there is a real religion for you – “Man was created from dust”.

Welcome to Tennessee 2016. (And they have no income tax.)