Carl Robert Gibson Strolls To Court

Great News!!!!

Low life dirt ball vote thief Carl Robert Gibson, of Kentucky and Wisconsin, voting from Concord NH, occasionally, is another month closer to his jury trial. His most recent arrest on May 15 last year was for voter suppression here in NH.

Carl will be dropped off or walking to Merrimack Superior Court on Monday, April 11 at 1 pm. I hope he is laughing all the way to this courthouse like he does when he is arrested in other states. The total is eight, so far? Just Google Carl Robert Gibson and his many laughing arrest photos pop up. He is such a jokester.

I was in Concord last week and pulled his file - Carl’s criminal file, that is.

You know what I could not find? Not even the helpful girl behind the counter could find it either. I could not find Carl’s new address? Carl no longer “lives” at his 26 Summit Street mobile voter domicile. (See: NH former Strafford County Superior Court Judge, Screwy Lewis, for that definition.)

Aren’t you supposed to let the Court know you wandered off? Shouldn’t Carl leave me a few bread crumbs, just to keep track of him? The NH news media has forgotten Carl. I haven’t.

Another thing I checked on while I was keeping track of one of Bernie Sander’s campaign transients. Are you ready for this?

Carl Robert Gibson did not vote in NEW HAMPSHIRE in the primary here in November.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? The consummate political animal, writer, author, defendant, interstate voter and MoveOn.NHBlackLivesMatterSymbioneseLiberationArmyUSuncutJerkOff forgot to vote?

In Carl’s defense. He may have voted in one of the other states he is registered to vote in. I need to look that up. But for an active guy like C. Robert to NOT vote in NH is quite stunning.

Maybe he didn’t want to show his Kentucky Driver’s License that expires in May. That could be it.

NH has strict new Vote ID laws that are cleaning up our crooked elections. That may have scared him off.

I’ll ask him if it comes up on Monday.