Courts and Standoffs

Jerry Delemus, of Rochester, NH is denied bail in the Bundy standoff case and will stay in a Federal prison until trial and/or until he admits man-made global warming is real.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, another judge, Orleans Parish Judge Arthur Hunter Jr., is in a standoff with the legislature and governor over spending and taxing. Rather than a speedy trial for defendants this judge wants more money for free lawyers.

Back to NH.

Carl Robert Gibson, of Kentucky, awaits trial here in New Hampshire for vote suppression and has a free, court-appointed lawyer who filed a motion to dismiss based on Carl’s First Amendment Right to impersonate a candidate. The taxpayers will pick that tab up.

Our State Supreme Court in New Hampshire just ruled that a teacher can help facilitate the rape of a 15 year old who was a student at her school, by being the minor’s self-appointed legal guardian. The Court is in a stand-off with the parent’s right to raise their child.

And in the current NH State Supreme Court case, Judge Lynn, the only real, unbiased judge on the NH State Supra, is in a stand-off with the other judges in a 10 page dissent.