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Rep. Katherine Pruhdomme Nails It - Again!

Back in the run up to the 2000 election NH’s authentic women’s rights champion, Katherine Prudhomme, asked a simple series of questions of Al Gore – in person at a campaign event she was invited to.

The question went like this:

"When Juanita Broaddrick made the claim, which I found to be quite credible, that she was raped by Bill Clinton, did it change your opinion about him being one of the best presidents in history? And do you believe Juanita Broaddrick's claim? And what did you tell your son about this?"

That gas bag poser, Al Gore, let those who were willing, peer into his twisted little soul. He let out a small laugh. Yep, he laughed.

When I saw Katherine strip that pretentious creep of even the slightest possibility of any dignity with those simple questions I dug up her phone number. My wife and I met her in Londonderry to interview her for some articles.

For several weeks I had Katherine’s Fox News tape of her encounter with Al Gore so I could write about it on some blogs and cover it on our taxpayer radio program.

And here we are in 2016 stuck with the same thugs the mainstream media and Democrat Party have been promoting and protecting for decades. Unfortuantly for Hillary Clinton the questions about rape and Bill Clinton still have meaning. Add to that Katherine is now a NH State Representative.

Welcome to the NH Presidential Primary were a few brave citizens keep it relevant.

Rep. Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien is my hero in that regard.


I Just Can’t Pass Up Rahm Emanuel’s Recent Crisis

Oh, it’s a hum dinger of a crisis for Rahm Emanuel, the left wing prodigy who never lost a fight with cowardly Republicans. His latest dilemma is his total lack of a way out of being Mayor of Chicago – it’s an executive position, and with all things progressive and liberal, the ability to get elected and stay elected is far different than being able to successfully manage something like a city. Just look at Obama for an example of that on a national scale.

The unexpected part of progressive Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s collapsing reign in Chicago is the Left’s long awaited time of racial turmoil and civil unrest across this nation. What the progressives have always wanted is another 60’s era opportunity for social change through protest and civil disobedience. Well here it is.

ACORN went Occupy and now they are Black Lives Matter - like an angry two year old turned nasty teenager. And this mob wants heads to roll – white heads primarily, and poor Rahm just happens to be white, like the Chicago cop who shot the black armed teenager last year (16 times, remember, 16 times).

Rahm is suffering the “never let a good crisis go to waste” phenomenon right up in his grill. It is like Saul Alinsky being treated to a Saul Alinsky style attack.

Out of state professional agitators will set up shop along with his long past friends turned enemies in his home town and pick the political meat off his delicate ballerina bones if he isn’t careful. This puts him in the same spot as any other politician.

Is there a progressive way to overcome, buy off, or repel an angry mob without fire hoses and police dogs? And can this be accomplished in a city as violent as Chicago has become?

One more police shooting, justified or not, of a black person and Rahm has some grown-up decisions to make. Your community leaders have all become community organizers. In 2016 that means communists.

This is the new normal Rahm. Get used to it.


Some Tough Sledding For Democrat Candidate Martin O’Malley  

A snow storm and a political event, even with free food, often don’t mix. One guy shows up for Martin O’Malley’s town hall meeting. But at least he looked the part:


Looking back on this poor use of any candidate’s time, maybe taking the opportunity to get some media coverage in NH would have been more effective. But we will never know.

Twice I tried to get someone, anyone from the Martin O’Malley campaign to email me back about doing some NH talk radio, blogs, anything. No response.

This reminds me of the Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, who I tried unsuccessfully to get on WLMW 90.7. I made the mistake of speaking with his scheduler, some guy in a London Fog coat.

I asked if he could set up a time to be on our then taxpayer radio program. He told me Congressman Kucinich had a plan for health care.

I said great, would he like to talk about it on a NH radio station so voters could hear it?

He told me that I didn’t understand how important it was for people to have health care. So I told him that it would be nice to get that plan to potential voters.

And so it went, on and on, just like that. Then I gave up.

My pal Dennis and I had a photo taken, arm in arm. He gave me a post card with a picture of his high school football team on it.

That’s more than I got from Governor Martin O’Malley.



Main Stream Media Manipulated

All the Washington insider experts who know how to run a campaign are telling Donald Trump that the issue of Bill Clinton’s proven proclivity to assault any woman standing nearby is off limits when it comes to Hillary, his enabler and co-conspirator.

And that’s what is wrong with Washington insiders. Nothing that might upset their standing in DC is subject to a critical review now and then – unless it is something derogatory about conservatives, constitutionalists, or especially, social conservatives. Watch former George Bush spokeswoman, Fox New talker, Dana Perino, end almost any discussion of a Democrat Socialist scandal by saying, “both sides do it.”

By brining up women’s champion Hillary as an enabler of rape and sexual assault by her deviant husband, Donald Trump is cutting off, in advance, the legs of her campaign to label any future opponent as sexist. There goes the War on Women the Democrat Socialists used to motivate not so bright female voters in the last few elections.

You may not want to accept this fact but not many young women, the votes Hillary is counting on, were adult enough to remember Bill Clinton’s oral sex in the White House days. They need an update and Donald Trump can deliver in a fashion the media can not ignore.

Have the Republican minority elites learned nothing from Trump’s campaign or are they so attached to Washington money and power they are totally blind? Let me guess.

If reviewing sex scandal Clinton history is a third rail for any politician why are Trump’s opponents not egging him on? It could be for some Republican candidates a desire to stay on message. I can accept that. But why not let a media master give some more woodshed learning to future Republican candidates?

Like a relay race to dismantle the Clinton legacy, its time to pass the cigar to someone smart enough to play the media’s game of never letting go of a scandal by educating new voters about how much “fun” the white House used to be with Clintons in it – unless you are female.



First of All, Blame America First

While Obama is “fighting” the Teenage Mutant ISIL JV Team he also wants to again let all of us racists and Islam haters know what we are doing to our own country – it’s a Harvard Law School thing.

Here he is in full bloom:

 “Prejudice and discrimination helps ISIL and undermines our national security,” Obama said.
Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/obama-isil-terrorism-fear-216130#ixzz3uKeJvFQz

And that begs the question:

If Americans who speak up about Islamic terrorism are hate filled whitey bib overall wearing know-nothing crackers, etc., how can we also be blamed for Muslims killing Down Syndrome children by smothering and lethal injection? There must be a Harvard Law School way to blame Americans. Story here:


If I am reading the Breitbart story correctly the Muslims doing this are acting on an “Oral Fatwa” delivered by some goat molester in Saudi Arabia named Abu Said Aljazrawi the Hut. Several reports of the murder of the children reveal it was done in the Muslim Hell holes of Syria and Mosul. It’s almost as bad as an American Planned Parenthood operation - minus the parts selling aspect.

A few years ago I was at a meeting in DC and Salmon Rushdie was there speaking about events in Kashmir. Someone asked him about the Fatwa ordering his death when he published “Satanic Verses.” I’ll never forget what he said. He told us the Fatwa against him was an oral Fatwa, not a written Fatwa. He said you only have to worry about a written Fatwa.

Apparently the Daesh baby killers jumped the gun or else there weren’t any other innocents around to kill.