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Sir, Your Choice is No Choice

In a letter to the editor of the notoriously progressive and misinformed Milford Cabinet the Moderator of the Town of Amherst, NH takes the paper to task for mistaking a point he made about “choices” at a Town Meeting.

The link is here:


The Moderator, Steve Coughlan, wants to make sure he is quoted correctly in that he was NOT in favor of amending the town budget at the Deliberative Session because the attempt was to make the Default Budget equal to the proposed Operating Budget.

The Moderator has a point.

The Deliberative Session of an SB#2 municipality is what the good old fashioned Amherst Town Meeting used to be. The Moderator seems to be a fan of those more interactive “traditional” meetings.

So am I.

But he goes off the truth rails a bit with his next suggestion, about which he seems to be quite uninformed.

Moderator Coughlan says in his rebuttal to the hapless Milford Cackle, his point about choice is related to the loss of choice by having ballot voting.

Here is his quote:

“In any voting scenario, the same budget would be adopted, and no useful information would be provided by the thousands of voters who turned out to take time to exercise their will… we would only know the will of the 126 voters who attended the deliberative session. Which is exactly the argument used by SB2 proponents to remove decision making power from traditional school meetings, and instead to give it to all who come out on voting day.”

Now hold it right there Bucko!

Here is the jist of Article 23, the Amherst Operating Budget:

To see if the voters of the Town of Amherst will appopriate the sum of $12 million or so dollars or the Default number of $12 million or so dollars for the operation of the town of Amherst. (That's it in a nutshell. Some choice, eh.?)

Let’s have a little history lesson for the Amherst Town Moderator.

I was around and in the room when most of Senate Bill #2 was drafted back in 1995. And I know the “purpose” of SB#2. And it is not your version.

If I am not mistaken, your town operating budget is a bottom line budget of $12,427,814.00 or the default budget of $363,000.00 less. So it looks like you are a champion of two choices.

What a hero.

Senate Bill #2 was in reaction to the removal of ALL choice from voters with the now predominant bottom line budgets municipalities started providing as “choice” back in the 1970’s.

I remember a time when town halls were packed and we voted on the operating budget - line by line.

First we voted by ballot on Article 1. during the day for officers. Next, at Town Meeting we started by voting on the Executive Budget, the Highway Budget, the Police Budget, Animal Control, and so on until midnight.

Voting on each department line by line is a “traditional” town meeting with choice, not the bottom line, heads we win tails you lose, method we see today.

Voters are smart enough to see a rigged game. That is why SB#2 is so popular and no community can muster the votes to rescind it once voters see how it works.

Tell the truth Moderator Coughlan. Will you support a real town meeting in Amherst?


Welcome Jeb Bush

Dear Governor Bush:

When coming to NH to campaign for President you will run into many different types of “experts” who are willing to help you. I have carved out my own tiny area of expertise over the last 30 years or so from watching these events.

I have some advice:

1. Climb off the bus and shake some hands. (I think that is great advice.)

2. Hit as many over-cooked chicken dinners as possible. (Bring an antacid.)

3. Breath mints are a must!

4. Have some contacts from NH to escort you around. (Choose people who might actually be on your side.)

5. Try to avoid letting your “contact” make himself your unofficial spokesman. (Warning: Fergus!)

6. Always avoid a self-serving media sponge. (Warning: Fergus!)

7. Associate with people who are not complete political failures. (Warning: Fergus!)

8. Never let your contact be a person whose goal is to alienate the base of the party you might be from. (Warning: Fergus!)

9. Yale doesn’t always produce smart people. (Warning: Fergus!)

10. Relax, spend a lot of slales tax free campaign money and have a good time.


Thank You Senator Sharon Carson - SB4

Senator Sharon Carson is the prime sponsor of SB4 which would clarify the one word more than any other in the entire English language (beside “fair”) that is a stumbling block no Legislator or public official can seem come to terms with, the word “domicile.”

In Black’s Law Dictionary, Edition #4 you will see the word defined as the rest of the United States sees it. (Imagine going to Federal Court to defend our disastrous Statewide Voter Database and telling the judge you do not know what domicile means.)

So that NH can get past the mystery that is the meaning of “domicile” and not have to purge non-resident voters from our NH voter checklists who may languish there for a decade, Senator Carson has drafted this bill.

I support it and was involved with a “well intentioned” bill aimed at gutting the Right to Know Law next door at the House of Representatives. So I apologize for not being on time to testify in favor of SB4.

Here is part of Senator Carson’s press release. It deserves repeating:

Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry), the prime bill sponsor, released a statement following the hearing:

 “The intention of this bill is to make sure legal residents of our state have meaningful elections so voters can affect change in the communities they are invested in,” said Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry).

 “New Hampshire’s current voting law does not clearly define the qualifications of a voting resident in the state. This bill, SB 4, serves to clarify the definition of a legal voting resident as 46 other states have done.”

 “The Secretary of State Bill Gardner and I worked to produce a bill that would clarify the meaning of being a legal resident for voting purposes without infringing on an individual’s right to vote. Secretary Gardner is the state’s authority on elections and he has given his support of this bill,” Carson continued.

The latest offender of the public’s right to legitimate elections, retired by his own stupidity, Superior Court Judge John Lewis left us with the hilarious definition “Mobile Domicile” for non-residents who want to steal a NH citizen’s vote.

This bill does not mention the Judge Lewis bizarro world invention. It uses time honored language for domicile and resident other states that prosecute voter fraud use. Since many non-residents vote in NH they may want to look at the laws in their own state. It will look familiar. The Coalition of NH Taxpayers knows about domicile laws in other states because we track and document non-resident voters. When we turn them into their home state we use the resident/domicile/elector definition that particular state uses. That is how got multi-state registrant and DC resident, Caitlin Ann Legacki, supposedly of 1200 Elm St. Manchester, who is checked off that 11/04/12 list and who voted in Mo. that same day, removed from North Carolina’s statewide database as well. And we are currently awaiting Wilton, NH voter Jared Steven Cram’s future in Pa. where we have turned him in.

Robert D. Baker, a 11/04/14 Dover, NH voter and Broward County Florida voter that same day, must be on that State’s radar as they have sent us a certified, six page copy of his record there.

So thank you Senator Carson and the other sponsors: Sen. Birdsell, Dist 19; Sen. Bradley, Dist 3; Sen. Stiles, Dist 24; Rep. Chandler, Carr 1; Rep. Hoelzel, Rock 3; Rep. Schroadter, Rock 17; Rep. C. McGuire, Merr 29, along with Secretary of State Bill Gardner for working on this bill.

Simple measures like this will hopefully leave our state wide voter database as free as possible of ghost voters.




Neal Kurk Takes On Bullies...Oh, Wait

I don’t always come down hard on elected officials because I have found that sometimes you may not always have all the details of why they do some of the dumb things they do. From dealing with them, especially the ones who get elected to the NH Legislature, I have found many legislators  completely abandon their professed conservative principals within a few weeks after being elected as they come to understand “how the place works.” 

“Ed, you don’t understand how the place works.” I hear it all the time. I understand that much from my former small government champions.

Yesterday, I came to understand something about a certain State Rep. who took such offence at having been “over emailed” by a group of taxpayers, I would consider to be in my small government camp, that he had to get in their face and raise his voice to express how angry he was.

The group of small government, taxpayer friendly, activists who were simply trying to get their point across by emails and standing at Legislators Hall with home made signs - was a group of charter school supporters – adults and a good portion of young people in tow.

The State Rep. who in my opinion has now proven he no longer belongs in a citizen legislature is Weare Representative, Neal Kurk.

When a Representative in the General Court thinks it is his prerogative to dress down, in a loud voice, a citizen with a group of young students, for violating his email it is time for that Legislator to retire.

I was embarrassed by and ashamed of Rep. Kurk.

There was one other State Rep. who chimed in, I could hear him across the stairwell, that he was now going to vote against the charter school bill because he got too many emails. I know who he is but forgot his name. He will be named later on when I look him up. For now I will call him Neal Kurk’s assistant bully who taught the charter school students a lesson regarding how adults in a legislature act.

I have the sneaky suspicion several legislators wanted an excuse to vote against the Charter School Bill and claiming their email was violated was an easy and cowardly way out. I can understand and completely accept that political style.

But to lean in on, dress down and embarrass NH citizens who are simply trying to compete with a horde of paid lobbyists, when they had young people there to help lobby for their cause, was totally unacceptable in my opinion and it is time for him to go.



Little Men, Big Ideas

I have Science Daily on my favorites, even though I have to hold my nose past the never ending link of “Global Warming” to everything.

Being an archeology buff, I am a sucker for the “Fossils” section so putting up with climate nonsense is balanced by fresh news of some useful information now and then.

This though, is a gem:


MIT scientists are looking through Earth’s atmosphere, which they have completely figured out, to question why outer space is not behaving according to our scientific models.

Sound familiar?

Computer model must be right - universe and atmosphere must be wrong.

Here is the interesting first paragraph in this “science” article:

Date: March 4, 2015

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology


   A handful of new stars are born each year in the Milky Way, while many more blink on across the universe. But astronomers have observed that galaxies should be churning out millions more stars, based on the amount of interstellar gas available. This study explains why galaxies don't churn out as many stars as they should.

Rather bold of our MIT geniuses to question the brightness of the universe based on their humble data, isn’t it?

I guess when your hockey stick data exposes  global warming, predicts glacier movements, masters weather patterns, predicts hurricanes, tsunami’s, jet streams, acid rain, ice ages, and the destruction of the ozone layer, the next logical step is to question the universe itself. It was inevitable.

Now that we know the universe is broken how do we go about getting Congress and the UN to fix it?