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I only have one sure fire prediction for 2015.

All of New Hampshire’s “respected” news outlets will refer to Maggie Hassan as “popular” in just about every title, paragraph and sentence of every story they write or invent about her.

Hey, it worked for that last governor. Remember him?

I think his name was, Mr. $800 million dollar popular Democrat deficit - that guy.


Cuba's Warren Buffet

Let’s all help Fidel on his way to his just reward.

I looked up his net worth – on the net, so it is his net net worth. At last count he has squirreled away $977,000,000.00 dollars, not bad for a guy who lives in an impoverished country with no toilet paper.

So remember, as we “normalize” relations with old money bags, who can only afford green fatigues out on the lecture circuit, this new influx of US dollars in the way of stupid American tourists in paradise may just put Mr. Castro in the Billionaire Dictator Club.

Add that to Obama’s list of achivements he didn't promise but has always planned.


Texas Didn't Want Him Anyway

Cheering passengers?


A liberal moonbat gets tossed from a plane for not being able to accept a “Merry Christmas” greeting from airline staff and the other passengers cheered. Are we at a turning point in moonbat human relations – as in we humble citizens don’t always have to cater to progressives with emotional problems?

Well then, God Bless American Airlines staff for booting the nut off the plane. I am sure the company will apologize later but the good deed has been done and the moonbat will have to fly wherever he needs to go.

Upon further thought, what was this grouch doing getting on a plane with such an objectionable name in the first place?

I say put him on the watch list and do American Airlines and all descent people flying in cramped conditions a favor by not having to listen to him. I pray he can find other ways to lecture a captive audience.


And What Town Will The Chief Wind Up In?

Everything went according to the “New Hampshire Way.”


The former New London (elite, wealthy, college town) Police Chief who had a habit of trading misdemeanor charges for nude photos of college girls retires with his pension - taxpayers pay for.

The NH Attorney General’s Office put blinders on once again to help a cop beat a conviction – any conviction. And taxpayers foot the bill for the criminal police officer protection scheme run out of the AG’s Office.

The “insurance” company of the State of New Hampshire protects a bad cop from having to pay for is criminal activities through an out of court settlement – the taxpayers pay for.

If you were not paying attention to the smidgen of reporting about this story here is the short version. It’s even shorter than the seacoastonline.com story.

Beloved New London, NH Police Chief offers to trade dropped underage drinking charge in exchange for nude photos of the female driver he takes after hours. The NH AG can’t find a fitting statute to charge the officer with.

Try this one. It’s a criminal statute:

Section 643:1

    643:1 Official Oppression. – A public servant, as defined in RSA 640:2, II, is guilty of a misdemeanor if, with a purpose to benefit himself or another or to harm another, he knowingly commits an unauthorized act which purports to be an act of his office; or knowingly refrains from performing a duty imposed on him by law or clearly inherent in the nature of his office.

Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973.

But somehow the NH AG can’t connect the dots on this tricky statute.

Receiving no help from the AG, but receiving a sound education regarding how things work with corrupt police in NH, the co-ed sues the Police Chief nude photographer in Superior Court and asks for the dreaded JURY TRIAL!

Uh oh, a jury trial means a single judge can’t let you off a clear case of using your position to benefit your photography fetish with some fancy interpretation of the words in the statute. See “cherish” or “domicile” for how that works.

If you are a smart police chief/nude photographer its now time to settle out of court with the “insurance company” all towns use, The NH Municipal Association – or whatever they call themselves these days. (Try The Local Government Center.) Not being a real insurance company, NHMA will gladly use taxpayer money to keep a public official THEY LIKE out of trouble. A real insurance company might put up a fuss and we can’t have that.

And so the end result is perfectly normal in a small state such as ours. The taxpayers foot the bill from beginning to end and a college co-ed learns a few things about small, elite, towns in New Hampshire.

Not a bad taxpayer funded education at all.

She is now wise beyond her years.



Go For It Barry!

As I have written about before. The most critical objectives of a Marxist from Harvard after getting a hold of the Presidency would be to diminish anything American in nature.

The military - Wear it out, cut it, gut it blame it.

Immigration - Use it for political gain.

Education - Lean it as left as possible.

Race Relations - Divide, divide, divide.

The Economy - Borrow, spend, regulate.

And for fun - Recognize your pal's island and send them US Dollars to bail them out.

Icing on the cake - Invite a Castro to the White House (If one hasn't been there already.)