It's So Easy A Cave Man Could Do It

For about a week I have been working with Project Veritas on a new video they were doing on NH voter fraud.

It should be viral by now.

Here is a radio interview I did this morning regarding this moste recent sting.

If you are a real NH voter - enjoy.


The No Voter Fraud Illusion - And Its Enablers

A Report On The Report

Recent Interest in NH voter fraud investigations shows some interesting inconsistencies between what the NH Secretary of State published on his web site, what the NH ACLU was given, and what the NH AG’s Office claims to be doing with their investigations.

I have selected the first paragraph of the NH ACLU 6/11/15 Reports and the annotations from page #2. Read the whole thing yourself and see if you can find any 2012 or 2014 investigations of the thousands of voters who brought no ID to the polls and lived at addresses with undeliverable mail.


Documents From NH Secretary of State's Office Show No Evidence of Out-of-State Drive-By Voter Fraud,

June 11, 2015

In April 2015, the ACLU requested from the Office of the Secretary of State, among other things, all documents—including emails and communications—concerning incidents of actual or potential voting fraud consisting of an individual voting in a NH municipality where he or she is not domiciled from January 1, 2000 to the present.

(in part - page #2 annotation)


“During the 2012 general election cycle, the Secretary of State claims that it sent 13,939 letters to those who filled out domicile affidavits in the registration form, with 1,193 coming back as undeliverable.


During that election, that Office claims that it also sent letters to 5,609 individuals who filled out challenged voter affidavits to vote in the general election, with (i) 374 coming back as undeliverable and (ii) 1,698 declining to return a postcard in response to the letters.


That Office claims that it also sent letters to 2,629 individuals who filled out qualified voter affidavits during the 2012 primary and general election itself, with (i) 210 coming back as undeliverable and (ii) 1,270 declining to return a postcard in response to the letters.

See: Shawne Wickham, "Checking voter residence affidavits a slog for New Hampshire investigators," Union Leader, Oct. 25, 2014, available at htto:// .


During the 2014 general election, the Secretary of State claims that it sent 2,983 letters to those who filled out domicile affidavits in the registration form, with 154 coming back as undeliverable. 3 See Shawne Wickham, "Checking voter residence affidavits a slog for New Hampshire investigators," Union Leader, Oct. 25, 2014

(Attorney General's Office noting that some of those who did not return postcards have told investigators they were protesting the state's new Voter ID laws" as "many of those folks intentionally did not bring their IDs to vote."), available at le/20141026/N EWS06/141029247/0/SEARCH. 4 191 individuals who registered and voted "same day" without proper identification returned the identification letters sent by the Secretary of State's Office.”

We are led to believe that in 15 years only four cases of voter fraud have been documented by the NH AG? With thousands of returned mail still being investigated?

Where in the NH ACLU response to its April 2015 request for all documents regarding voter fraud investigations are the years 2012 and 2014?

Another small detail: How much would it cost the state to investigate every instance of a person refusing to supply proof of identification?


 654:7 Voter Registration; Voter Registration Form. – 
    I. Any person registering to vote shall be: 
       (a) At least 18 years of age on the day of the election; and 
       (b) A United States citizen; and 
       (c) Domiciled in the town or city in which the applicant is registering to vote and not otherwise disqualified to vote.    

II. The applicant shall be required to produce appropriate proof of qualifications as provided in RSA 654:12 and fill out the form as prescribed in paragraph IV. 
    III. If an applicant is unable to provide the proof of qualifications as required in RSA 654:12, he or she may register by completing the necessary affidavits, pursuant to RSA 654:12, and completing the form in subparagraph IV(b), unless the person is registering at the polling place on the date of a state general election. If an applicant is registering at the polling place on the date of a state general election and is unable to provide the proof of qualifications as required in RSA 654:12, he or she may register by completing the form in subparagraph IV(c) under oath,…


So it is legal to refuse to supply documents you have in your possession because you oppose Photo ID? That is what the AG seems to be saying – or ignoring.

Another step in the wrong direction for NH’s crooked election system.

Don’t expect the new idea of photographing non-resident voters to have any effect if we do not prosecute offenders.

Fox News Reports On Voter Fraud In NH?

In 2010 The NH AG Investigated a report of double voting in a town election. See if you notice anything strange about this investigation – except it is like other NH voter fraud investigations - not much investigation.

Jon R. Deacon

Re: Violation of RSA 659:34, I

January 12, 2011

Jon R. Deacon

Re: Violation of RSA 659:34,1

Dear Mr. Deacon:

On March 25, 2010, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office received a complaint that you voted twice in the town elections held on March 9, 2010. As a result of this complaint, this Office conducted an investigation.

During the investigation, this Office confirmed, from information received from the Checklist Supervisors in Litchfield and Hudson, New Hampshire, that you voted in elections held in both of these towns OD March 9, 2010.

On April 6, 2010 Richard Valenti, an investigator with our office, spoke with you regarding this matter. You informed him that you did in fact vote in both Litchfield and

Hudson on March 9, 2010.

During the course of the April 6, 2010 conversation, you explained that on the

Election Day in question you went to vote in the town of your current domicile, Hudson.

You stated that you were told by an election official in Hudson that you were not registered to vote and that you had to go to your previous domicile, Litchfield, in order to vote. Upon arriving in Litchfield, you claim to have told an election official that you are a resident of Hudson, but that you were told to go to Litchfield to vote. According to your account, you were given a ballot and you voted. After depositing your ballot in the box and telling another election official that you live in Hudson, you allege that this election official instructed you to go to Hudson to register. Upon arriving back in

Hudson, you state that you told the same election official from earlier that you had voted in Litchfield, but that you were instructed to return to Hudson. The election official sent you to another table, where you informed yet another official that you needed to register to vote. You stated that you gave your completed registration form to another election official who gave you some ballots. You acknowledged that you took the ballots and voted.

In May of 2010, you provided Investigator Valenti with a signed type statement, which substantially comports with the statement you provided to him over the phone.

Be advised that RSA 659:34, I, provides. in pertinent part that "[a] person is subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000 if such person:

(a) When registering to vote; when obtaining an official ballot; or when casting a vote by official ballot, makes a false material statement regarding his or her qualifications as a voter to an election officer or submits a voter registration form, an election day registration affidavit, a citizenship affidavit, a domicile affidavit, or an absentee registration affidavit containing false material information regarding his or her qualifications as a voter;

(5) ;


(d) Applies for a ballot in his or her own name after he or she has voted once;

(e) Votes for any office or measure at an election if such person is not qualified to vote as provided in

RSA 654; RSA 659:34, I, (a), (d) and (e).

You have admitted in your communications to Investigator Valenti that you voted twice in the town elections held on March 9, 2010. As such, this Office has determined that you violated RSA 659:34,

1. We find that by registering to vote in the town of Hudson on March 9, 2010, after you had already voted in the town of Litchfield, you made a false material statement on the Hudson voter registration form in violation of RSA 659:34. I (a). Specifically, in completing the voter registration form in the town of Hudson, you executed the following oath (emphasis added), which states in pertinent part: acknowledge that I have read and understand the above qualifications for voting and do hereby swear, under the penalties for voting fraud set forth below, that I am qualified to vote in the above stated city or town on this date, and if registering on election day, that I have not voted and will not vote at any other place in this election.

Jon R. Deacon

Re: Violation of RSA 659:34, I

January 12, 2011

We also find that you violated RSA 659:34, 1 (d) when you applied for a ballot in Hudson after voting in Litchfield. Additionally, we conclude that you violated RSA

659:34 I (e) because you knowingly voted at the Litchfield polling place when you were not qualified to vote there as provided in RSA 654 in that your domicile at the time was


RSA 659:34, III, authorizes the Attorney General to impose civil penalties for violations of RSA 659:34 1. However, the statute also states that the Attorney General "shall have the exclusive power to compromise, mitigate, or remit such civil penalties."

RSA 659 . 34 V.

This letter serves as official written notice that this Office is hereby imposing a civil penalty of $2,000.00 against you pursuant to RSA 659:34,111, because you violated

RSA 659:34, I (a), (d) and (e) on March 9, 2010.

However, due to the circumstances surrounding your double voting, including possible confusion, all $2.000.00 of the civil penalty shall be suspended for a period of two (2) years from the date of this letter.

This suspended penalty shall become immediately due and payable to the New

Hampshire Secretary of State within thirty (30) days of you being notified in the future by this Office that you are once again in violation of RSA 659:34, I.

Be advised that any future violation of RSA 659:34,1, may also result in a prosecution in New Hampshire superior court pursuant to RSA 659:34,11, which states

"A person is guilty of a class A misdemeanor if, at any election, such person purposefully or knowingly commits any of the other acts listed in paragaph I." RSA 659:34._11.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Matthew G. Mavrogeorge


Civil Bureau

(603) 271-3650

cc: William M. Gardner, Secretary of State

David M. Scanlan, Deputy Secretary of State


Another thing about this election law violation of double voting is that it is NOT on the NH Secretary of State website under “2010 Investigations”


I wonder why that is?




Several US Senators Past And Present Make The Best Ted Cruz Commercial

Oh, happy damn day!

US Senators warn of open revolt if US Senator Ted Cruz wins the Republican Primary nomination.

It’s a Republican Revolt!

And there is very little more revolting than some of the 100 biggest hypocrites on the face of the Earth, US Senators past and present, showing what they are really made of.

If some US Senators are going to excoriate another US Senator who takes their capitulation to the left wing, unconstitutional agenda of a socialist president as an insult to voters who put them in the Senate - then by all means step right up. Now is the time to show your colors.

Some Washington insiders are going to put their careers on the line in a last ditch effort to keep any candidate except one sanctioned by the correct lobbyists and donors off the ballot.

This battle has been brewing for decades. I congratulate the Republican surrender monkeys for publicly entering the fray, and not to mention having the courage to take on Ted Cruz but not Obama.



The Lament Of Parliament

As the British Parliament debated letting an American enter their fine country because he is supposedly anti-Muslim there is an interesting un-debated issue I find interesting.

Tomorrow I can book a flight from London to Kuwait on Kuwait Airlines.

Kuwait Airlines motto is “Earning Your Trust.” Here is their web site for scheduling:

Funny how the anti-American members of Parliament don’t have any problem with an airline that will not allow Israelis on board their aircraft.

From the article:

“(CNN)Did Kuwait Airways just scrap an entire flight service to avoid carrying Israeli passengers?

The airline has this week pulled its connection between New York's JFK airport and London Heathrow after U.S. authorities threatened legal action over alleged discrimination.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in September warned the Kuwaiti carrier that it had "unlawfully discriminated" against a passenger using an Israeli passport by refusing to sell him a ticket.”

If I am reading this correctly, the anti-Israel and Israeli citizen flights from London to Kuwait are still ongoing – as is the anti-Semitism  of the loud mouths in the British Parliament.

Do members of Parliament meet in a glass house? Maybe its time they moved.

From the “debate” in Parliament:

“About 50 of the UK's 650 members of parliament were present for the debate. But while all but one used the forum to criticize Trump -- especially his comments on Muslims -- most felt a ban was unwise, and only risked making a martyr of the politician, and boosting his electoral prospects.

"I've heard of a number of cases where people have been excluded for incitement, for hatred," said Conservative MP Paul Scully.

"I've never heard of one for stupidity, and I'm not sure that we should be starting now."

Progressives, socialists, Muslims, and communists are the same all over the World – tolerant of speech they approve of, and not much else.

The 600 members of Parliament who stayed away from the anti-American debate still have Kuwait Airlines to account for, in my book.







How We Measure Global Warming

How We Measure Global Warming

By Ed Naile

Global Warming, the belief that man causes negative changes in the climate of the Earth, can be measured very easily.

Let’s take a simple scientific method for an example of how this can be done with earthquakes.

Earthquakes are measured using a scientific method called The Richter Scale.

The Richter magnitude scale (also Richter scale) assigns a magnitude number to quantify the energy released by an earthquake. The Richter scale, developed in the 1930s, is a base-10 logarithmic scale, which defines magnitude as the logarithm of the ratio of the amplitude of the seismic waves to an arbitrary, minor amplitude.

As measured with a seismometer, an earthquake that registers 5.0 on the Richter scale has a shaking amplitude 10 times that of an earthquake that registered 4.0, and thus corresponds to a release of energy 31.6 times that released by the lesser earthquake.[1] The Richter scale was succeeded in the 1970s by the moment magnitude scale. This is now the scale used by the United States Geological Survey to estimate magnitudes for all modern large earthquakes. (hat tip Wikipidea).

Volcanoes are another natural phenomenon that can be measured.

The Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) was devised by Chris Newhall of the United States Geological Survey and Stephen Self at the University of Hawaii in 1982 to provide a relative measure of the explosiveness of volcanic eruptions.

So you see that something as unpredictable as earthquakes and volcanoes can be measured. And that brings us to Global Warming in all its various names and forms.

Global Warming is measured in a scientific way by what is known as the Aarne-Thompson Classification System.

The Aarne–Thompson classification systems are two indexes used to classify folktales: the Aarne–Thompson Motif-Index (catalogued by alphabetical letters followed by numerals) and the Aarne–Thompson Tale Type Index (cataloged by AT or AaTh numbers). The indexes are used in folkloristics to organize, classify, and analyze folklore narratives. The indexes are an essential tool for folklorists because, as Alan Dundes explains, "the identification of folk narratives through motif and/or tale type numbers has become an international sine qua non among bona fide folklorists".[1] This system was expanded in 2004 into the Aarne–Thompson–Uther classification system (cataloged by ATU numbers). (hat tip Wikipidia)

The closest thing we have in the Aarne-Thompson Classification System to mand made Global warming is of course the Henny Penny tale.

Henny Penny, more commonly known in the United States as Chicken Little and sometimes as Chicken Licken, is a folk tale with a moral in the form of a cumulative tale about a chicken who believes the world is coming to an end. The phrase "The sky is falling!" features prominently in the story, and has passed into the English language as a common idiom indicating a hysterical or mistaken belief that disaster is imminent. Versions of the story go back more than 25 centuries; it continues to be referenced in a variety of media. (hat tip Wikipidea)

And nothing could be more accurate than the last part of that sentence: it continues to be referenced in a variety of media.

Some things, unlike the weather, never change, and one is the gullibility of people.


Donor Class About To Get A Closer Look

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President yesterday and the usual crowd again proclaimed, “big deal.”

I asked myself why she might needlessly jump into a primary where she knows and is friendly with several of the combatants.

Very little of what I heard Rush Limbaugh refer to is easily found on line by these two thumbs but I did find this series of quotes from:


“Palin's endorsement speech Tuesday evening combined the folksy charm and everywoman appeal that initially made her a GOP superstar with defiant taunting of a "busted" GOP establishment that she slammed for counting both Trump and herself out.”


“She also took aim at the Republican establishment for "attacking their own front-runner" and offered a challenge to those who have suggested that Trump, whose positions on issues like gun control and abortion rights have shifted over the years, isn't conservative enough.”


And in typical Grizzly Moma language:


"Oh my goodness gracious.” What the heck would the establishment know about conservativism?" she said. "Who are they to tell us that we're not conservative enough? ... Give me a break."


I think Sarah Palin sees Donald Trump as what might be described as the new Teflon Candidate the mainstream media can not destroy - no mater how they try.

She repeats over and over again how much distain she has for Establishment Republicans, a species that tried to set her up for the dust bin of political history. They weren’t very effective at that

Elite Establishment Republicans, the media, and the Donor Class laugh up their sleeves at Sarah Palin and yet she draws crowds and is an endorsement machine compared to their hapless Karl Rove.

Today I heard Dana Perino say that Trump having Sarah Palin as a VP possibility would be like stepping into the past. I wonder what she thinks of Jeb Bush? Talk about a worn out brand.

There is a lot $150 million in campaign cash can buy but it isn’t buying Dana Perino’s boss’s brother any love from voters – even in Florida. So who’s the fool?

Maybe Sarah Palin wants Ted Cruz in the US Senate, or as VP material. I don’t know. But I know one thing. Sarah Palin knows who the enemy is in DC and this is a perfect time to start a grass roots campaign to expose them.

Paybacks are a Grizzly!


Comedy Bang Bang

As with every election circus/cycle here in the “First in the Nation Presidential Primary” we have an assorted array of publicity seekers – some are the actual candidates themselves.

Here we go with a pair of “comedians” who wandered on stage at a Ted Cruz event in Hudson.

The Concord paper reported some of the facts as they see them.

Two self-professed comedians went on stage with Senator Cruz and pretended to be drunken, disoriented gun owner/supporters. They have done this to the Occupy children as well so fair is fair.

But unbeknownst to the two comedians another performance artist was in the audience, J.J. Valera of Windsor, NH, a friend of mine.

J.J grabbed the comedian’s clip board and sent it flying to the ground. Oh, that J.J.

Then he made a few comments about how lucky the out-of-state comedians were that they didn’t receive a lip massage from a random fist.

Now this was the part that had me laughing.

The Concord paper didn’t know J.J. was a performance artist!

How could that be?

He has been doing this for years.

Oh, that J.J.

Carl Gibson, Back In NH Courtroom

A not so cocky Carl Robert Gibson was in Merrimack Superior court Friday at 9 am for a trial conference of some sort. I know because I was sitting right behind him. This time he had nothing to say or chant to me.

His final pre-trail conference will be April 22, 2016 before jury selection in June. Gee, Carl is planning ahead these days. Oh, wait, his plans are being planned for him.

If you don’t know about Carl Robert Gibson, who is awaiting trial in NH for voter suppression this may be your first visit to

Carl Robert Gibson is a professional protester, the kind that sneaks into NH to perform self-aggrandizing stunts for their candidate or issue of choice. Carl decided it would be funny to impersonate a candidate for a NH House special election which led to his most recent arrest.

Arrests are something Carl also thinks are funny because he never serves time. This time might be different. Instead of some Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, or NY judge slapping him on the wrist he will face a NH jury of citizens from whom he stole several votes in NH General Elections. In 2012 and 2014 this Kentucky resident voted in New Hampshire. He was voting in Wisconsin in 2013 from his home there while driving back and forth in his Ct. registered car with his 2013 freshly renewed Kentucky drivers license.

So far he has only been charged with voter suppression. But NH should also add false swearing to a NH election official for stating on his same day 2012  registration that he was a NH resident with a legal domicile. Not true.

While we are on the “loophole” of domicile Carl would like to exploit, how about a visit to good old  NH RSA 21:6.

21:6 Resident; Inhabitant. – A resident or inhabitant or both of this state and of any city, town or other political subdivision of this state shall be a person who is domiciled or has a place of abode or both in this state and in any city, town or other political subdivision of this state, and who has, through all of his actions, demonstrated a current intent to designate that place of abode as his principal place of physical presence for the indefinite future to the exclusion of all others.

Kentucky law regarding residency/domicile, Chapter 18:

(12) "Resident" means any person who has established Kentucky as his or her state of domicile. Proof of residency shall include but not be limited to a deed or property tax bill, utility agreement or utility bill, or rental housing agreement. The possession by an operator of a vehicle of a valid Kentucky operator's license shall be primafacie evidence that the operator is a resident of Kentucky.

Our boy Carl has been a registered voter in Kentucky since 2006 and held a Kentucky driver’s license since before that. In Kentucky you can get a person’s operator history right over the internet for $5.50 – which I have done in his case.

As it sands, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Moral Mondays in several states, and probably some Trump campaign stops will be missing one of their favorite idiots. He is stuck in NH for a year as his court case gets under way.



Picking Up Steam, Moving Forward


For Immediate Release

New Hampshire Right to Life to Hold Annual March for Life

January 11, 2016

Concord, NH

On Saturday, January 16, NHRTL will hold its annual March for Life. Beginning at 9:00 am, there will be a Memorial Service at the Concord Landfill, lead by Rev. Garrett Lear. This memorial is to remember the pre-born who were thoughtlessly and callously disposed of some years ago at the Concord Landfill. This will be a short and prayful remembrance supporting the gift of Life.

At 10:00 am, there will be an offered Catholic Mass at St. John the Evangelist. The Celebrant for the Mass will be Fr. Rich. The Rally for Life begins at 11:15 am at the NH State House steps. Speakers at the Rally will include NHRTL Educational Trust Fund Chair, Father Christian Tutor, and NHRTL President, Jane Cormier. The actual March for Life will formally begin at 11:45 am and will end at St. John the Evangelist where refreshments and lunch will be served.

Beginning at 1:00 pm, NHRTL will sponsor The March for Life Keynote Speakers, Brad and Jesi Smith from SaveThe1 organization. SaveThe1 is dedicated to saving the 1 percent of children conceived in rape, incest, and so-called “fatal fetal anomalies”. Brad and Jesi will share their family’s story and challenge society’s bizarre mission to wipe the disabled and supposed “unwanted” from the face of the earth.

This March for Life will a peaceful and prayerful protest. NHRTL invites all who support Life to join us at this special event. For more information, visit:

Is Bernie Sanders Smarter Than Col. Sanders or a Fifth Grader?

Let’s face it, Bernie Sanders isn’t that bright. He just stepped into the Clinton Cow Pie strategically placed by Donald Trump. Bernie just had to comment in defense of the indefensible.

Here are some hilarious statements made by Mr. Sanders:

“I think, you know, we have enormous problems facing this country, and I think we got more things to worry about than Bill Clinton’s sexual life,” Sanders said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“Sanders said Trump would be better off focusing on serious issues facing the nation, like climate change.”

First of all, what was Bernie thinking when he tied himself to Hillary Clinton’s impeached, disgraced husband? Did he have to do that?

It’s like trump set out the Clinton War on Women net and caught every sucker in the pond.

Bernie had his own problems with eventual general election voters with his idea that women fantasize about being raped. Then along comes an irresistible chance to have it brought up again by defending the Clintons.

This plays well in Vermont Bernie, not in the rest of America.

Trump will probably ignore Bernie’s open flank out of pity. Hillary and the husband who can’t wait to get back in the limelight, not necessarily the White House, are the real targets.

Rep. Katherine Pruhdomme Nails It - Again!

Back in the run up to the 2000 election NH’s authentic women’s rights champion, Katherine Prudhomme, asked a simple series of questions of Al Gore – in person at a campaign event she was invited to.

The question went like this:

"When Juanita Broaddrick made the claim, which I found to be quite credible, that she was raped by Bill Clinton, did it change your opinion about him being one of the best presidents in history? And do you believe Juanita Broaddrick's claim? And what did you tell your son about this?"

That gas bag poser, Al Gore, let those who were willing, peer into his twisted little soul. He let out a small laugh. Yep, he laughed.

When I saw Katherine strip that pretentious creep of even the slightest possibility of any dignity with those simple questions I dug up her phone number. My wife and I met her in Londonderry to interview her for some articles.

For several weeks I had Katherine’s Fox News tape of her encounter with Al Gore so I could write about it on some blogs and cover it on our taxpayer radio program.

And here we are in 2016 stuck with the same thugs the mainstream media and Democrat Party have been promoting and protecting for decades. Unfortuantly for Hillary Clinton the questions about rape and Bill Clinton still have meaning. Add to that Katherine is now a NH State Representative.

Welcome to the NH Presidential Primary were a few brave citizens keep it relevant.

Rep. Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien is my hero in that regard.

I Just Can’t Pass Up Rahm Emanuel’s Recent Crisis

Oh, it’s a hum dinger of a crisis for Rahm Emanuel, the left wing prodigy who never lost a fight with cowardly Republicans. His latest dilemma is his total lack of a way out of being Mayor of Chicago – it’s an executive position, and with all things progressive and liberal, the ability to get elected and stay elected is far different than being able to successfully manage something like a city. Just look at Obama for an example of that on a national scale.

The unexpected part of progressive Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s collapsing reign in Chicago is the Left’s long awaited time of racial turmoil and civil unrest across this nation. What the progressives have always wanted is another 60’s era opportunity for social change through protest and civil disobedience. Well here it is.

ACORN went Occupy and now they are Black Lives Matter - like an angry two year old turned nasty teenager. And this mob wants heads to roll – white heads primarily, and poor Rahm just happens to be white, like the Chicago cop who shot the black armed teenager last year (16 times, remember, 16 times).

Rahm is suffering the “never let a good crisis go to waste” phenomenon right up in his grill. It is like Saul Alinsky being treated to a Saul Alinsky style attack.

Out of state professional agitators will set up shop along with his long past friends turned enemies in his home town and pick the political meat off his delicate ballerina bones if he isn’t careful. This puts him in the same spot as any other politician.

Is there a progressive way to overcome, buy off, or repel an angry mob without fire hoses and police dogs? And can this be accomplished in a city as violent as Chicago has become?

One more police shooting, justified or not, of a black person and Rahm has some grown-up decisions to make. Your community leaders have all become community organizers. In 2016 that means communists.

This is the new normal Rahm. Get used to it.

Some Tough Sledding For Democrat Candidate Martin O’Malley

A snow storm and a political event, even with free food, often don’t mix. One guy shows up for Martin O’Malley’s town hall meeting. But at least he looked the part:

Looking back on this poor use of any candidate’s time, maybe taking the opportunity to get some media coverage in NH would have been more effective. But we will never know.

Twice I tried to get someone, anyone from the Martin O’Malley campaign to email me back about doing some NH talk radio, blogs, anything. No response.

This reminds me of the Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, who I tried unsuccessfully to get on WLMW 90.7. I made the mistake of speaking with his scheduler, some guy in a London Fog coat.

I asked if he could set up a time to be on our then taxpayer radio program. He told me Congressman Kucinich had a plan for health care.

I said great, would he like to talk about it on a NH radio station so voters could hear it?

He told me that I didn’t understand how important it was for people to have health care. So I told him that it would be nice to get that plan to potential voters.

And so it went, on and on, just like that. Then I gave up.

My pal Dennis and I had a photo taken, arm in arm. He gave me a post card with a picture of his high school football team on it.

That’s more than I got from Governor Martin O’Malley.


Main Stream Media Manipulated

All the Washington insider experts who know how to run a campaign are telling Donald Trump that the issue of Bill Clinton’s proven proclivity to assault any woman standing nearby is off limits when it comes to Hillary, his enabler and co-conspirator.

And that’s what is wrong with Washington insiders. Nothing that might upset their standing in DC is subject to a critical review now and then – unless it is something derogatory about conservatives, constitutionalists, or especially, social conservatives. Watch former George Bush spokeswoman, Fox New talker, Dana Perino, end almost any discussion of a Democrat Socialist scandal by saying, “both sides do it.”

By brining up women’s champion Hillary as an enabler of rape and sexual assault by her deviant husband, Donald Trump is cutting off, in advance, the legs of her campaign to label any future opponent as sexist. There goes the War on Women the Democrat Socialists used to motivate not so bright female voters in the last few elections.

You may not want to accept this fact but not many young women, the votes Hillary is counting on, were adult enough to remember Bill Clinton’s oral sex in the White House days. They need an update and Donald Trump can deliver in a fashion the media can not ignore.

Have the Republican minority elites learned nothing from Trump’s campaign or are they so attached to Washington money and power they are totally blind? Let me guess.

If reviewing sex scandal Clinton history is a third rail for any politician why are Trump’s opponents not egging him on? It could be for some Republican candidates a desire to stay on message. I can accept that. But why not let a media master give some more woodshed learning to future Republican candidates?

Like a relay race to dismantle the Clinton legacy, its time to pass the cigar to someone smart enough to play the media’s game of never letting go of a scandal by educating new voters about how much “fun” the white House used to be with Clintons in it – unless you are female.


First of All, Blame America First

While Obama is “fighting” the Teenage Mutant ISIL JV Team he also wants to again let all of us racists and Islam haters know what we are doing to our own country – it’s a Harvard Law School thing.

Here he is in full bloom:

 “Prejudice and discrimination helps ISIL and undermines our national security,” Obama said.
Read more:

And that begs the question:

If Americans who speak up about Islamic terrorism are hate filled whitey bib overall wearing know-nothing crackers, etc., how can we also be blamed for Muslims killing Down Syndrome children by smothering and lethal injection? There must be a Harvard Law School way to blame Americans. Story here:

If I am reading the Breitbart story correctly the Muslims doing this are acting on an “Oral Fatwa” delivered by some goat molester in Saudi Arabia named Abu Said Aljazrawi the Hut. Several reports of the murder of the children reveal it was done in the Muslim Hell holes of Syria and Mosul. It’s almost as bad as an American Planned Parenthood operation - minus the parts selling aspect.

A few years ago I was at a meeting in DC and Salmon Rushdie was there speaking about events in Kashmir. Someone asked him about the Fatwa ordering his death when he published “Satanic Verses.” I’ll never forget what he said. He told us the Fatwa against him was an oral Fatwa, not a written Fatwa. He said you only have to worry about a written Fatwa.

Apparently the Daesh baby killers jumped the gun or else there weren’t any other innocents around to kill.



He Just Endorsed Hillary!

Not content to buy influence from a politician, this billionaire “conservative” Republican is willing to vote Hillary instead of Trump?

Guys like this elected Obama – twice.

It is nice to know this billionaire is a Jeb Bush supporter, which by the way may not be quite factual. I would say he is more like a billionaire who wants to buy political influence from either side.

My proof is found in his own words – he would vote for Hillary (and Bill, it’s a team package in case you forgot).

Mr. Bosch doesn’t say he would skip voting, what’s one vote in millions. He claims he would vote for Hillary which means he would instantly be a supporter. That is a bit different than skipping a vote. Simply by going public he is already supporting Hillary with this interview.

Mr. Bosch isn’t a fool. He can get influence with Hillary just as easily as with Jeb Bush – who should renounce Mr. Bosch as soon as possible if he wants any credibility.

The only way Bosch loses is if trump wins. He can’t buy Mr. Trump.

See why he is throwing his hissy fit.

Put My Socks In A Cedar Box

National Archives Burgler and Harvard Law Grad, Sandy Berger, Dead

Long an operative in left wing Democrat campaigns Sandy Berger worked behind the scenes for the Clintons.

He has passed without his license to practice law having it taken for stealing highly sensitive documents from the National Archives. His security clearance is gone as well.

Coincidentally, his former boss and friend, Bill Clinton, lost his license to practice law, stripped for lying under oath but not for various crimes against women.

Sandy Berger will be eulogized by many left wing politicians as an American hero. To many of these friends, stealing documents that would have had an adverse effect on the Clinton Agenda is indeed heroic.

Sandy Berger is now gone but the Clinton Agenda marches on.

Carly Fiorina Flips Reporter But Good!

Carly Fiorina pegs it with this interview:

She did not buy into the fake outrage of the left and the media, she stayed on point explaining how the left tries to demonize opponents.

When I first became, reluctantly, involved with municipal politics in my town the same happened to me. I was demonized all over this small community by a bunch of leftists who were former Viet Nam protesters and left wing activists from out-of-state who moved here before me and planted their flag.

I adopted a policy that once demonized – become the demon, and so I have, much to the regret of my opponents who still spend most of their time community organizing my small town.

Carly Fiorina is the new breed of conservative that seems to have piled up against the media dam in 2015. She fights back and stays on message – no matter what.

If you are not a liar it is perfectly acceptable to tell the media that.

It is also perfectly acceptable and smart to not apologize for something you did not say.

Stay on focus and do not give in to traps.

I remember how Sam Donaldson answered a reporter about the dead body found on his tax write off ranch when asked some simple questions about the incident. He said, “I will not participate in my own destruction.”

Other conservative candidates would do well to follow Sam Donaldson’s advice.

Learn From The Master - race.

When looking at the tangled mess called Muslim refugees, or pilgrims, as Obama labels them, who want to move to western nations that operate as free, democratic societies with republican forms of government it might be time to read a quote by Joseph Goebbels.

Goebbels is famous for quotes that pinpoint national socialist’s desires and objectives. He is loud and proud about his goals.

Here is one:

“We enter parliament in order to supply ourselves, in the arsenal of democracy, with its own weapons. If democracy is so stupid as to give us free tickets and salaries for this bear's work, that is its affair. We do not come as friends, nor even as neutrals. We come as enemies. As the wolf bursts into the flock, so we come.”

If one thinks Sharia Law loving peoples can ever assimilate into a free society then one must think Nazi’s could as well.