Donate to help homeless combat veterans

                                                Veteran Resort-Chapel

                                                101 Stepping Stone Rd

                                                Lee NH 03824


To The Editor

            It is sad when a 100% disabled US Military Veteran asks the State of NH for help and no one comes.  On some grounds I am a combat Veteran because I did do eight convoys across Laos, Cambodia into the DMZ to bring surplus supplies to friendly posts as American advisor.  I was a part of the Marine Corp Air Wing and only did the convoys when I got injured during a Vietnam Offensive and I was put on light duty riding as the only American on 27 truck missions.  I did do thirty-one months over there in and out of Vietnam, some times repair missions, sometimes convoys. 

            It is sad when the Veteran’s Page of the Union Leader refuses to acknowledge that a Veteran is asking for help.  It would be one thing if it was help for ones self but it is for help-giving out for homeless Combat Veterans.  The Veteran Resort-Chapel is a great way to challenge the citizens of the State of NH to put a tiny house in their back yard with a compost toilet to allow a homeless combat US Military Veteran to live in it until they can come home mentally as well as physically. This is a challenge that I put forward on the UNH community challenge.  My wife and I have used up our life savings and mortgaged our home because this mission to help homeless combat veterans is so important. I now travel the state with a tiny home that I built on a trailer to ask for people to donate.  The newspapers refuse to help.  WMUR (Amy Coveno) did a great new broad cast when we first started but not one word since. 

            We are Combat Veterans living on the streets of this state; are not your enemy.  We are the children that went off to war and came back to a nation that does not want us and we do not belong.  I am now asking for your help with donations to build the cabins in the woods sanctuary at 101 Stepping Stone Rd Lee NH.  There is a web site where you can learn and see just how these missions will work.  Please go to the web site and learn.  A donation to the Veteran Resort-Chapel account at any People’s United Bank will 100% go to help a homeless US Military Veteran and nothing else.  Take up the UNH challenge or donate to help build the VRC mission of helping homeless combat US Military Veterans.

Thank You Peter Macdonald

                     465 Packers falls Rd

                      Lee NH 03824