Harold Brown - The Truth About Cancer

Howdy;   I’m sending this/link to every link I have hopefully to save a life.   Information is knowledge.  Share the videos with your family and friends.   I won’t be as nice as some of the commentators in the video(s).   Cancer is a Racket.   I just lost my sister to cancer, she was diagnosis for the last 25 plus years.  Seems like every treatment was an experiment.   At the end she was talked into conventional treatment.  I was against chemo and radiation.   Needless to say the end was not pleasant.

The program is a nine series commentary.   I originally received the program from bitsandbites.com, if you don’t subscribe to this site, you should.   Must sign in, your name, email address and click onto the access button.   Newer links will be sent automatic.          Come to your own conclusions after the series.


In Freedom