Eric T. Rottenecker - Spending Spree!

If you were to go down to any of the Drug Task Force hearings you would see a bunch of state unionized employees who have a special vested interest, testifying, looking to enlarge their departments. The vocal minority, the politician’s voter base. It will be very interesting five years from now when NH is 80% grey and can no longer support all of this big government and state retirees when this year alone there was a mad scramble to find $10.5million for the state employees retirement fund shortfall. Just one more raid on a dedicated fund.

The war on drugs is costing the US $50billion annually in enforcement, judicial and incarceration all of which are unionized. You will not see our politicians threaten to reduce any of our state or federal enforcement agencies. That is why we are not hearing any more on NH becoming a Right-to-work state, the state employee unions wouldn't allow it, the politician who leads that charge would be voted out as fast as Governor Benson.

In 1914 President Wilson signed into law the Harrison act to suppress minority's use of drugs, in 1937 came FDR with the Reefer madness program and in 1971 tricky Dick Nixon jumped into the war on drugs to suppress white anti-war college students, just as all of the previous administrations used it to build up vested departments from coast to coast and suppress minority's. You never hear of any white collar American busted for smoking a joint. But smoke it they do.

 Tobacco subsidies in the US totaled $1.5 billion from 1995-2012. Tobacco kills 6 million people worldwide, our Governors see fit to increase the tax on tobacco any chance they can. Alcohol kills 3.3 million annually, but it is socially acceptable. Tens of thousands of people are killed on our roads by drunk drivers. We are building a new liquor store in New Hampton. Why aren't we fighting the war on socially acceptable drugs that kill? It would mean the loss of revenue from taxation, the loss of social workers, unionized law enforcement don't see it as an Epidemic  and after all, how would our law makers celebrate their spending spree victory without their favorite glass of wine. Wine by the way is a gateway drug. So is beer, but we have to keep marijuana illegal because it is a gateway drug? I ‘Never’ heard of a marijuana overdose. I ‘Never’ heard of any one with withdrawal symptoms from marijuana. We have a shit load of hypocrites in government. 

The US spends $50 billion annually and along comes the NH Senator Forrester with her big $70+ million spending spree and Senator Shaheen with her $600 million, to increase law enforcement to combat opiate misuse, the real goal, to enlarge their voter base. Just more special interest groups with their lobbyists and unions telling our politicians how and what they should be spending taxpayer moneys on. The politicians, who answer to no one when it comes to spending taxpayer moneys, are eager to comply, just so they can stay in office. The outcome will remain the same. Looks like we are going to fight the loosing war on drugs for another 100 years. This is the form of democracy we are pushing around the world and getting rammed down our throats. Welcome to the Unionized States of America. 

Eric T. Rottenecker