We Need Tax Reform, NOW!

The New Hampshire primary is an important milestone on the path to the Presidential nomination. Candidates who come here get to know New Hampshire. This primary presents candidates with the perfect platform for discussing issues that are most important to voters. Many candidates are discussing tax reform. While their voices are important in this discussion, we need more immediate action on tax reform from Congress.

This primary gives us the stage to make sure not just our presidential candidates are listening, but our public servants at-large.  Our current tax system has a number of problems. It taxes unevenly across business sectors. Tax increases on energy have a great effect on business owners in that sector, who already shoulder significantly higher tax rates than business owners in other industries. Those costs trickle down to the everyday Americans who have energy stocks in their retirement packages. This isn’t a “rich man’s tax increase”, it’s an attack on the well-being of everyday Americans and incredibly harmful to the energy sector.

If we as a nation are to do the hard work of tax reform, we must do it in the right way. We, the people of New Hampshire, should lead the way. Let’s do tax reform right.