NH corruption fighter Andy Martin opposes "Balsams Bailout" bill

May 6, 2015 

Dear State Legislator: 

I am writing you a letter/email with two purposes in mind.

First, I am writing to urge you to vote against and work against the so-called “Balsams Bailout” bill. It is bad legislation and it will come back to haunt state and local taxpayers.


Second, if you have been a regular legislative reader of my emails for years, you may enjoy this letter; you will of course remain on our list. If you are a new legislator, welcome. Please stay with us. If you previously opted out of our emails you may want to consider rejoining. Let me give some of my background before I get to the Balsams Bailout issue. 

Why read our independent Republican emails? There are several reasons: 

1. The media and political leaders pay attention to what I have to say. On April 19th some conservative activists met in Nashua to plan for the 2016 presidential primary. Channel 9 ignored the conservatives. Not one word of the conservative meeting appeared on the station. Then, I criticized WMUR for ignoring conservatives. The next day Channel 9 “discovered” the Sunday meeting and made a report. That’s impact.


2. I can be of help to you. Fifty (50) years ago in January, 1965 I went tothe Illinois General Assembly as an intern to learn bill drafting. That summer I went to Washington to study under the man who would become U. S. Senate parliamentarian. My political experience is deep. Over the years I have created initial drafts of proposed statutes that went on to generate intense analysis. I am here to help you with questions, analysis, whatever you might need help with. And unlike some people, I am not looking to get into your pocket. I only work for the good of the people of New Hampshire. My only agenda is public integrity and good governance. So if and when you need help, all you have to do is pick up the phone or email me.


3. I am independent. I fought for the people of the North Country all the way to the New Hampshire Supreme Court to save the original Balsams, the real Balsams hotel, not the real estate speculation you are now being asked to vote on. The court system is not there to serve our people. It is there to preserve the special interests of a handful influential players in the state.


4. Please do not expect to agree with me all the time. I am critical of the corruption and incompetence within the New Hampshire Republican Party’s leadership. My views are often provocative, novel, irritating, occasionally even raw. I am spearheading the opposition nationally to Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. I am committed to seeing the Bush dynasty come to an abrupt end in the snows of New Hampshire next year. So don’t send me a “REMOVE” the first time you disagree with me. Expect to disagree with me. I am an independent voice for good government within the Republican Party, so you won’t always agree with me. But it is good to listen to dissenting points of view. And you can always send me a response with your point of view. I will read it, even if I disagree.


5. My mother’s family immigrated to New Hampshire from Greece 100 years ago, in 1915. I have not always lived in New Hampshire, but my family roots go back a long way. I always put the people, not politics, first.


I will work hard to keep a Republican New Hampshire House and Senate in 2016 and beyond. You can count on me. I will help you in any way possible.


Why vote against the “Balsams Bailout?”


The people of the North Country were robbed and cheated by the trustees of the Neil Tillotson Trust. Tillotson left The Balsams in trust for the people. When employees invited me in the summer of 2011 to visit, The Balsams was an amazing place. It was both historic and up-to-date modern. It provided about 300 jobs, a culinary training program and a loyal client list. All a new owner had to do was call back the employees, provision the pantry and freezer, and open for business. The experience was truly extraordinary.


The “Two Dannys” from Colebrook purchased The Balsams as a real estate speculation, not to reopen and restore The Balsams. They tore the Balsams apart. They vandalized the hotel and auctioned off pieces of New Hampshire history. The Balsams is gone. Truly, the “Two Dannys” are North Country thugs.


Now a new group of real estate promoters is promising big things. But the Balsams that was, is no more. No restoration is possible. So you have to judge the Balsams Bailout not as reopening a piece of New Hampshire history but rather as a de novo real estate speculation. If the Two Dannys had reopened the old Balsams, they could have provided immediate income to the North Country and gradually rebuilt the Balsams, while retaining the flavor that made the resort ‘historic.” Instead, four years later, the hotel has been destroyed. The Two Dannys never had any intention of serving the people, any more than the lying dirtbag Tillotson Trust trustees had any intention of honoring Neil Tillotson’s intentions when he established the Balsams trust.


So why would New Hampshire taxpayers pass a law to bail out a project that is nothing more than a very risky real estate speculation? The Two Dannys have almost “zero” investment in the property. The new speculators want to build with other peoples money, taxpayers’ money, not their own. In other words, none of the current bunch of promoters that is asking for a bailout has any serious cash of their own invested. They want the taxpayers to guarantee loans where they would not themselves put in the first dollar of equity.


If I came to you and asked you to invest in a property I was promoting, but which I declined to invest in myself, would you invest? Obviously not. The people of the North Country had a valuable resource, an incredible asset in the old Balsams. But that Balsams no longer exists and can never be “restored.” You are now being asked to be a “banker” for real estate speculators that won’t risk significant funds of their own in the project. How much equity have the Two Dannys got in the project? Close to nothing. The other “blue sky promoters?” Virtually nothing relative to the risk taxpayers are assuming. Until the promoters put in serious cash equity I see no reason for taxpayers to essentially put up the cash equity by guaranteeing loans that the promoters themselves are unwilling to fund with their own assets.


The Balsams Bailout? A bad bill. If you need more information, give me a call. If you really want to help the people of the North Country, as I have tried to do, give me a call. But, please, vote down this sickening example of New Hampshire corruption and perversion of Neil Tillotson’s will.


While still a law student I became a real estate investor. I have made a lot of money in real estate. I know real estate and I know risk. I have seen the ins and outs of real estate wheeling and dealing at the highest levels. Don’t be played for a sucker by out-of-state real estate promoters. The people of the North Country need help, but not this kind of help. I am telling you from the depth of my heart the Balsams Bailout bill stinks. Please VOTE NO.


Faithfully yours for the Granite State,


Andy Martin




P.S. Please forward a copy of this email to a Democrat. Maybe we can talk some sense to some of them.