Dear NH Democratic Leadership

I was unaware that you wished the destruction of Planned Parenthood's influence over New Hampshire public policy. I had assumed you believed abortion was a good thing, due to your undying support for the organization. Now I realize that you were actually trying to show, by theatrical demonstration, that the only way to support such an organization so passionately would be that you actually have to not really give a shit what they did with unborn babies at any point, any stage, using any tool, and following any moral gauge.

Sincerely, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts in ending the dominance of Planned Parenthood on American politics. We really couldn't do it without you. 

The whole idea of sticking to the Planned Parenthood talking points without ever stooping to actually look into the allegations made against them is a stroke of genius. What it does, in essence, is remind the American people that it is not actually 1971, and that although they may do a great deal of moral analysis internally over the question of abortion and medical ethics, and they might feel horrified at the abuses uncovered in the recent video releases, you would actually have to be kind of a monster to just ignore it.

Further, it serves as proof to the American people that there never actually was any moral discussion over abortion in the Democratic Party, and in fact that the question of life or death always really took a back seat to the question of votes.

I love the stonewall tactics. The lack of genuine debate. The lack of concern. The “seemingly” heartless defense of the sellers of human body parts, arrived at by a thoughtless knee jerk defense of Planned Parenthood, at all costs.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you, because while the American people debate the topic, weep openly, tear their hearts out and share videos showing atrocities worthy of the Third Reich in social media every day, the NH Democratic Party, by its blind attachment to the most ruthless medical practices since Mengele, actually shows us all the truth.


And, for that I am one happy pro-lifer.

See, gay marriage is legal...done. Even the most conservative among us have just moved on. Health care is done. It may not be perfect but it was a Democratic creation. So...not much chance for a moral end run. I say abortion, you can't say “gays”. I say abortion, you can't say “health care”. I say abortion, you can only show that blank psychotic stare that Democrats have developed over the decades. I say abortion and you have one answer and you wear it proudly, you say “Couldn't care less.”

And, organizations made up of heartless jerks who show zero concern for human babies tend not to last very long.

Thanks again, and congratulations on the brilliant strategy!!

Concerned Democrat


NB: withheld writers name at their request.