Harold Brown - In the Dark: Prohibiting States From Labeling of GMO Foods?

In The Dark

On July 23, 2015 the U.S House of Representatives voted and passed H.R. 1599, H.R 1599 has to do with prohibiting states labeling of GMO foods.  Called the Safe Act.  How can it be safe not knowing what food and chemicals you are ingesting?   Tainted food paid for with your had earned money.  H.R. 1599 is also known as the DARK Act, (Deny Americans Right to Know). The emphasis of this post is Labeling and your right to know.   Congressman Guinta voted Yea on H.R. 1599 denying your right to know.   Also in H.R. 1599 the authority to call GMO’s natural as in ingredients.   Labeling of food is a home rule issue.  Falls under the preview of the 9th. And 10th. Amendments.   H.R. 1599 is Unconstitutional along with Congressman Guinta’s vote.  Congressman Guinta vote is unacceptable under any argument.   Congresswoman Kuster did vote Nay.

Residents of District One have one of three choices, vote in a Democrat, Republicans can replace Frank Guinta or re-elect Congressman Guinta keep poor representation or no representation..


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