Harold - ‘NEW DAY FOR AMERICA’ By Kasich For President ad was the inspiration for this post

Hi folks;
Bringing you a video by Jordan Maxwell.   Dawn of a New Day, Timing is appropriate due to slogans Presidential Candidates are using.  The purpose is to enlighten people for awareness.   Some material some will find offensive.

The main theme will be the rising Sun. as a Communist Symbol.   New Day could be taken as leading to a path of communism.   If many of you never notice the Rising Sun is embedded in the NH State Flag rising over the horizon.  The symbol of the Fasces will be explained.   Not shown is the fact two Fasces are mounted on each side of the podium in the U.S. Senate Chambers.   I’ve never heard any official complain serving under Fascism symbols.   Some facts will past rapidly, stop, write them down and do a search.   .

In Freedom