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Thought I’d present you with an interesting newsletter, basically refers to our food and mixed with politics.   There is nothing more political than the food we consume.

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Response "There's no place like home" Union Leader

Response “There’s no place like home”

To the editor

            Everyone just like the UL say that they recognize the situation of homeless Veterans in NH.  I hear at fundraisers all the time the words just like your article “Homeless” and “Veteran” appearing in the same sentence incomprehensible.  To this day I cannot understand why the UL censors telling it’s readers of the Veteran Resort-Chapel at 101 Stepping Stone Rd.  Lee town officials have stated “we are a community of Professors and UNH support staff so we do not deserve homeless in our neighborhoods”.  To stop the VRC Lee took us to court and a judge ruled a trailer registered in the VRC (owner of property) cannot have a legally registered with NH DMV in our back yard, the VRC cannot have a piece of 4’x4’ scrape plywood with the chapel name on it in our front yard and we cannot have a portable toilet (the same company that rents portable toilets to the town of Lee) on VRC property.  The Judge rules this to be true.  The judge approved “Discrimination” and now this case is in the NH Supreme Court.  Go to the VRC web site and see the documentary film (3minutes long) and see that this entire property is bought and donated to the Veterans NON-profit specifically to help homeless Veterans in NH try to come home.

            The UL and all other newspapers refuse to even print letters to the editor that mention the VRC in them.  The UL and all other newspapers will refuse to print this letter for it demoralizes the news media’s creditability to zero.  The editors and many others may believe that I am a mental case.  Guess what I have four disabilities from my days in the USMC.  Three being combat related disabilities from serving to protect and defend the very documents the UL diminishes. 

            Homeless and Veteran are in the same sentence because of the censorship of newspapers just like the UL.

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

Minister at 101 Stepping Stone Rd Lee NH 03824


Peter Macdonald - Shame on Lee NH

To the Editor:  Shame on Lee NH


            The shame and disrespect the NH news media, court judge and the Town of Lee have shown US Military Homeless Combat Veterans.  The TOL took the Veteran Resort-Chapel to court to close them down.  A TOL official told me “we are a community of professors and UNH support staff so we do not deserve homeless in our neighborhoods” as their reason.   The charges were a legally registered with the NH-DMV trailer parked in our back 11-acre yard.  The second charge was a scrape piece of plywood with the name of our chapel on it to inform our church members.  The third charge is a portable toilet used by the constructions workers.  The toilet was rented from the same company that the TOL rents from.  There was no zoning ordinance against the toilet so the TOL used the International Plumbers code to tell the court the rented portable toilet was illegal.  The court ruled we cannot park the legally registered trailer on VRC property ever, we must remove the scrape plywood leaning against the flagpole, and we cannot have a rented portable toilet on VRC property.  This is a court ruling that the news media refuses to inform the public.

            The shame and disrespect NH, the courts and the TOL is slamming Homeless Combat US Military Veterans goes beyond belief but it is all documented in the courts.  We the US Military stand with Honor so we can never hurt another US Citizen leaving our Suicide the only answer.  Death with dignity rather than live in the Shame of Lee NH is why many US Military Veterans commit suicide.  The shame you make us feel for coming back alive.  To censor the letters of those that fought to make it for these letters to the editor to be printed is ironic!  I personally do not believe in Suicide but it so I ask the VA not to send the police to my home.   Have a great Veterans Day and try to remember we the ones that discussed you made freedom possible.  Letters to the Editors being censored how real is it to be alive?  

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi  

Darryl W. Perry - Blood on Maggie Hassan's hands

Maggie Hassan has blood on her hands. You might not see it at first, but it's there. Look closely, you'll see it.

On July 23, 2013, New Hampshire became the 19th state to legalize medicinal usage of cannabis. The original version of the therapeutic cannabis bill would have allowed qualifying patients to grow their own medicine if certain criteria were met. However, Maggie threatened to veto the legislation if this provision wasn't removed, despite the fact that she voted FOR a similar provision in 2009. This is a freedom enjoyed by therapeutic cannabis patients in Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and a dozen other states. Now, over one year later, qualifying patients are still not able to legally obtain the medicine they need. The process is so arduous that it may be another 18 months before therapeutic cannabis patients in the Granite State will be able to legally obtain their medicine from one of four alternative treatment centers.

Clayton Holton was one of the therapeutic cannabis patients who has been working for years to convince those in the NH government to allow him the freedom to obtain and use his medicine without threats of violence. Unfortunately, Clayton has become another victim of the drug war, and his blood is on Maggie's hands!

Clayton suffered from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder characterized by degeneration of muscle tissue. In May of last year, when the therapeutic cannabis legislation was working it's way through the NH Legislature, Clayton wrote "[The removal of the home grow provision] means patients will continue to suffer without legal access to marijuana. Frankly, I do not expect to live another two years, so for me, this may as well be a death sentence."

Clayton passed away earlier this week because of the "death sentence" handed down to him by Maggie Hassan. Matt Simon, Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project, sent out an alert on Wednesday, reading, "It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of Clayton Holton, the courageous young activist who had been asking New Hampshire to pass a medical marijuana law since 2007...

Clayton earned national recognition in 2007 when he confronted then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney at a campaign appearance. The resulting video was shared widely, and it resulted in countless viewers becoming educated about the issue."

Simon added, "Sadly, Clayton never got to realize his dream of seeing New Hampshire patients receive protection from arrest. In 2013, after meeting with Clayton and other patients, Governor Hassan told the Senate she would veto the medical marijuana bill if it provided Clayton and other patients with the immediate legal protections and home cultivation provision they were asking for."

Some may accuse me of politicizing Clayton's death, to them I say nothing could be further from the truth. Maggie decided to take a position that she found politically expedient, and the result cost this man his life. Maggie made this a political issue when she told Clayton that he doesn't have a right to grow his own medicine, I'm simply pointing out the blood on her hands.

Darryl W. Perry

Orion Karl Daley - Amendment to out source all government jobs !

Dear NH Insider: 

Let simply amend the constitution - I think it is best to out source all government officials - we can insist that they do , and only do their prescribed jobs as government administrators, and not waste tax payer money on divides in the house, or otherwise, and if not doing their job we can quickly replace them with a simple clause - "you are on probation - that is always" 

When they say - 'I hear you" well in this case we can be more assured that they do ! 

They really do not even have to speak our language as most politicians don't anyways.  

They simply just have to follow the Constitution , which should not be that hard . . . .although it seems our politicians today all have their own convenient interpretations. .  

We can pay them below or at minimum wage, and allow them rudimentary living facilities. After all this is what H1-B's are accustomed to in taking America's jobs from US Citizens already.. 

As many American's are jobless by outsourcing, if its supposed to be good for business, well it should be for government too ! 

And since government is supposed to be for the people, well it should be a cost savings at worst. And at best, we might even get something for the taxes paid.  

Sincerely Yours, 

Orion Karl Daley

Save the date, September 2016


The New Hampshire political establishment seems to have woken up and discovered that the fine folks over at the Free State Project were actually *serious* about their plans to get 20,000 liberty loving people to move to New Hampshire. This month, the FSP confirmed that they're at 80% of their goal and projects that they will meet their goal in September 2016 thus "triggering the move."

What does this mean for New Hampshire? If you were to read Fergus Cullen's recent op-ed at the Union Leader, you'd come to the conclusion that the Free State Project presents a clear and present danger to the future of New Hampshire on a par with, oh I don't know, fluoridation of the water supply (gasp!) or the heartbreak of psoriasis (shudder!). Well, regardless of the real or imagined impact of the FSP on Mr. Cullen's well being, one thing is looking more and more certain: the Free Staters are coming.  

Chip Marce



Earl Rinker Endorses Jim Rubens For US Senate

There are three prominent Republican candidates running for the U.S. Senate. I can't imagine why anyone would vote for either of the two candidates who have recently come here from another state. My old friend, Bob Smith, is a nice guy, and did an admirable job when he was in the Senate, but that was long ago. He's been living in Florida for years and has done some strange things over the years (like supporting John Kerry for President). Why would we vote for someone who hasn't lived in New Hampshire for years and who keeps wandering off the reservation.

Then there's Scott Brown, another carpetbagger, from all places, Massachusetts. He may have a home in Rye, but he's been living in Massachusetts until very recently. Yes, he has also been a U.S. Senator for a brief time from Massachusetts, and his record shows that he has voted with the Democrats almost as often as he has voted with Republicans. Some say he's the only candidate with a chance of beating the incumbent. I say hogwash.

My candidate is Jim Rubens, who now has the backing of three super PACS. He has a record anyone can look at as a former N.H. Senator. He was named the Union Leader's Citizen of the Year! He is the one person responsible for getting charter schools started in the Granite State, a great boon to less advantaged kids, who have trouble making it in the regular school system. Unlike Senator Jean Shaheen, the incumbent, who has been a rubber stamp for all things Democrat, including Obamacare, Jim is not a career politician, and has even promised to serve only two Senate terms, if he should get elected and reelected. Jim has lived in New Hampshire for 40 years, has raised a family here, and has run ten different (small) businesses here.

Jim Rubens is a leader and will bring that leadership to Washington. I am extremely proud to endorse Jim for U.S. Senate, the only true Granite Stater in this race!

Earl A. Rinker III
Former Executive Councilor
Manchester, NH

Anonymous - Derry's Fire Chief George Klauber refuses to discuss problems with a citizen publicly

Way back in 2007, somebody wrote this rather comprehensive breakdown on the activities of Derry, NH, Fire Chief George Klauber and the negative impact he has had on the town, it's councilors, and citizenry and emailed it to NH Insider.

Derry once operated a fire department where everybody was welcome. It was a place where the firefighters were professionals, but understood their small town roots.

Interestingly, at the same time that Klauber was involved in his Derry hiring process, the State of CT was calling for a major management and financial study of the very fire department he was leaving (

Klauber, the former chief of the Waterbury, CT, fire department, and one of the highest paid chiefs in NH, with a salary said to approach $115,000, with benefits totaling another 30 cents on the dollar, has succeeded in disrupting the fire department’s relationship with the town.

Then Derry was faced withthe Chief’s vain attempt to build a new 2.7 million dollar fire station, the Town’s fifth, which would’ve included another large increase in manpower and equipment.

But questions immediately arose. Why did Derry need a fifth station in a town of 34 sq.miles? Why was this additional station needed when both fire and EMS calls were both decreasing in number?

Two citizens even wrote a report to the council based on Klauber’s own statistics and those from the NFPA to illustrate that the construction of the station was unwarranted, citing concerns for a “proactive” approach, featuring inspections and community outreach, and dismissing the Chief’s increasingly expensive “reactive” response. A report which Council Chair Chirichiello failed to read into the minutes.

Luckily for the taxpayers, Councilor Dowling took a vacation, Chairman Chirichiello crafted a poorly conceived motion, one councilor changed his mind, Councilor Bulkley folded after one more expensive turn to the town’s attorney (indecision which has cost Derry a quarter of a million dollars lawyer’s fees this past year), and the taxpayers were saved another quick 2.7 million.

The first overt inklings of a real change in management became known in September, when a local woman was locked out of her house at 2:45am with her dogs. When she queried the dispatcher for a hand, she was advised to “call a locksmith,” on the chilly night involved. Questions immediately arose about the exact nature of the services the fire department does provide for its 10 million dollar budget.

Then came the Chief’s request for his firefighters to keep in shape at the Workout Club on Manchester Avenue while on duty, without requiring every member to participate, which was promptly approved by the town council’s majority. These expensive workouts can be completed at every station at little or no additional cost, under the supervision of department officers, just as they are all over the country.

Concerns also arose about fire trucks being used to get groceries.

Fire trucks are observed unattended at Dunkin’ Donuts while their crews lounge inside.

Further reports arose about firefighters completing local errands while on duty and in full uniform.

Then, in early October, Councilor Janet Fairbanks was advised by a disturbed constituent that the expensive ladder truck was used as some sort of a prop at a local wedding and made inquiries about its use. The truck was set up at the Congregational Church for a member’s nuptials and was said to be out of service for a quarter hour or so, according to Chief Klauber, though others say it was raising and lowering folks for photos far longer.

While the townspeople raised the specter of responding to fire calls without the services of their expensive hook and ladder, and concerns increased over the liability of civilians riding on it, Klauber agreed to reimburse the Town some $28.00 for its use, having decided that it was off duty for a quarter hour.

In mid-October, Chief Klauber, after a meeting with Town administrator Russ Marcoux concerning the incident, immediately sent a memo to the  FD ordering them to cancel all community outreach, further disturbing Marcoux, who then had to order Klauber to compose another memo rescinding his previous order.

Almost immediately, members of the DFD began posting highly disturbing information about Councilor Fairbanks on the website (“Councilor takes heat” Derry News, December 1, 2006). As aresult, Councilor Fairbanks received numerous uncomplimentary e-mails from as far away as Colorado, all designed to intimidate her, with many including unpleasant personal information known only by those in Derry.

Interestingly, Councilor Craig Bulkley (who belongs to the same Rotary Club as the Chief (, and who recently welcomed Chief Klauber as a fellow director at the Derry Boys and Girls Club (, in a public letter to the Derry News (“Stop looking for conspiracies,” December 20, 2006), attempted to counter the town wide talk about the Chief’s damaging memo and a previous letter to the editor which mentioned its existence, by stating, “Chief Klauber never canceled community outreach efforts…,” and added, “That is just one of the rumors floated by those who want to make you and others believe the worst.”

A second letter (“Trying to set the record straight,” Derry News, December 22, 2006) appeared, which explained that the previous author had received both memos courtesy of an RSA 91A request, that, yes, the disturbing memo did exist, and criticized the Councilor for not “performing due diligence” before he included the wild attributory remarks contained in his reply.

The taxpayers also learned that Klauber was no longer speaking to Councilors Fairbanks and Kevin Coyle on what he claims is the advice of an attorney. As a result, the town’s fire chief now refuses to have any regular business dealings with one councilor who represents the town at large, and with another who represents the population of its downtown area, merely because they questioned the activities of his department –by doing their jobs.

News of the Turning Point Program’s Derry involvement then appeared ( The now defunct public health advocacy group, once funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Trust, which exerted pressure on local communities to hire public health officials, featured evidence of the fire chief’s successful advocacy for the addition of a public health official to Derry government, an expensive and permanent cost, initially funded with rapidly disappearing federal dollars, in its newsletter ( The costs for the new employee can be viewed in the Town Council’s Adopted Budget for FY2007.

“Public health is to EMS what fire prevention is to fire. When I first started here, I couldn’t believe that we didn’t have a health department,” Chief Klauber exclaimed in a glowing reference to Turning Point’s successful Derry advocacy. And now the Town’s new public health officer, who makes almost 60k a year, reports directly to the embattled chief.

Now, with the selection of John Moody as interim Town Administrator (granted full executive power at the time of his hiring by the Council majority on January 2nd ), who is a fellow member of the Derry Village Rotary with Chief Klauber (, additional attention is being focused on Moody’s desire and ability to manage the public comportment of the chief.

Today, across the Town, the members of the DFD have stopped speaking to longtime friends and acquaintances as the animosity towards anyone who dares question fire department expenditures, policy changes, and the behavior of their chief, grows in intensity

With the Derry taxpayers learning that their town is flat broke, with a $350,000 dollar problem right off the top, with more bad news onthe way, after weathering their largest tax increase in years, with a Council 2007 goal of maintaining the current number of the increasingly expensive Town personnel( Town of Derry: Town Council and management Goals 2007; Personnel Count: Maintain current status), Chief Klauber’s increasingly extravagant tenure, his management style, and his advocacy for big government are becoming hot topics at the fire stations, barbershops, tattoo joints, beer halls, donut parlors, fry houses, and the diners dotting Derry.

By August, 2014, little has changed.  Klauber remains the Fire Chief.  Unfortunately something has been unearthed, however, something which Fire Chief George Klauber wished had been left lying doggo, out of sight, lost in the mists of normal radio chatter, left on the hard drives, and covered with his own brand of rapid fire bluster and riposte.

In a letter to the editor, which appeared in the Nutfield News on May 1st, 2014, ( "System Change" ) Derry citizen and taxpayer, John Burtis, demonstrated with data supplied by the town, from an RSA 91a he filed, that large amounts of critical time seem to be lost when Concord receives every 911 call meant for Derry, which must be handed off to Derry Fire which operates a 24/7, 365 day a year dispatch center.  His letter also provided information which also indicated that Derry also loses time in dispatching mutual aid units on major fires.  Rather than call for mutual aid at the time a call for a burning building is received, Klauber apparently has his department verify that a structure is in flames before asking for help instead of radioing and telephoning for help like every responsible department responding to fire calls in rural areas do.  The data was a specific, minute by minute, breakdown of communications, and it was disturbing when one considers that it was a fatal fire on that night in question, at Island Pond Road and Bartlett Road, that the data described.

But these facts are nothing new to the town because Burtis has spoken in front of the council time after time asking for these issues to be examined or deaths would ensue.  Now a man has died.  A death which has caused little or no concern among the powers that be or with the fire chief.  Nor has the repeated revelations of time lost on the starting of mutual aid units.

Chief Klauber, as is well known, is also an employee of MRI, Wally Stickney's growing group, which seems to have penetrated New England like an invasive Asian Kudzu vine, and has insured, in many cases, that individuals, with extremely interesting records, are hired over and over again for the same job in different New England towns, like Derry's own Carol Granfield for instance.  MRI even has a personnel unit, which, at least in Derry's case, brought Gary Stenhouse, whose primary contractual element had to do with the enormous amounts of the severance he was to receive if he was bought out early.  Interestingly, a bit of background found that his yacht was named 'Severance'.  And he hired friends and relatives, all smiled upon by a friendly council.  In the end, the high points of his tenure amounted to his arrest of the "Hot Dog Man," who would later prevail in court, his supposed rental of a home he never occupied to fulfill the tenets of his contract reed thin as it was, and his claim to have resigned as Rochester's Police Commissioner, which he hadn't, then claimed to have.   Later, it also brought us John Anderson, but that is another story left for someone else, more attuned to the vagaries of the case, tell.  Perhaps Neill Weatherbee or Duff Parker.

But I digress, we must remember that Fire Chief Klauber, while working as an employee of MRI, has written numerous reports for them in his capacity as a paid consultant, out for hire to other towns and municipalities.  Klauber produced a lengthy opinion which resulted in the firing of the Gloucester, MA, Fire Chief over his failure to properly use firefighting resources during a major blaze.  Could the same criteria be used to judge Chief Klauber?  Chief Klauber has assembled analyses for other municipalities as a paid employee of MRI, like Andover, MA, where he explained, in a lengthy outline which featured photographs with paragraphs on the back, how to better their fire and ambulance service.  Could someone with a more formidable CV formulate ways to improve Derry's Fire and EMS Services?   It happens all the time, all over the United States.  Is Fire CHief Klauber the be all and end all?  Probably not.
Recently, Burtis apparently, according to those in the local TV business, approached Kevin Coyle and Janet Fairbanks about appearing on their late Friday evening show on Community TV to dissect the data supplied on the DFD disc.  However, it seems that Fairbanks and Coyle refused Burtis a show without first allowing the famous Derry Fire Chief George Klauber a chance to defend himself in the public eye.  However. everyone was rather surprised to learn that Chief Klauber absolutely refused to appear opposite Burtis on a televised show, on any kind of a TV show.  He is said to have stated that he would never appear on TV with Burtis to discuss anything.
So, a lot of folks are wondering why Fire Chief Klauber (whose latest MRI curriculum vitae lists him as a thirty some year firefighting professional and the former big city Fire Chief of Waterbury, CT) won't  show up and destroy Burtis who simply drove a couple of pumpers at two or three fire stations in some podunk county fire department in upstate New York, where the about the only fires they have there seem to be big barns, large houses, warehouses, gas explosions, oil storage tanks, wrecks on the numerous interstates, triple deckers afire in the suburbs, high-rise fires in the cities, blocks of stores going up, malls on fire, supermarkets burning, paper box facilities, grain elevator infernos, plane crashes, and large springtime brush fires? (See Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin: Broome Country Fires Changed Outlook; )  A firefighter in a county named Broome of all places where there are only 39 fire stations?  How come he won't even appear to set the record straight?  Maybe there are some important and unknown reasons why so much time is lost on every call and he might be able to put the whole shebang to bed.  Maybe he can tell everybody why, when you call the Derry Fire Dispatch Center the recording there tells you to hang up, Dial 911, which sends you to Concord, which sends you back to the same place you just left, in Derry, with only a loss of a few minutes and a double or a tripling in the size of the fire you're trying to report?  
Or why, in layman's terms, when a late night fire in your home forces you, your family, and your pets outside and you finally get through all the idiocy, explanations, addresses, interruptions, static, and Concord, and finally get back to Derry, and holler that your goddam house is on fire that you then must wait for a fire car to drive there, see the flames and smoke, and then the guy in the red or white SUV has to radio back to say that it's a real fire and to start the mutual aid because by now the whole place is roaring and you can't believe that the dispatcher on the other end didn't believe that at 2:40 am you'd rush outside, your wife screaming bloody murder in your other ear, dogs barking up a storm, two car horns blatting in the garage by themselves for background noise, that the dud didn't extend you the common courtesy of believing you had a real fire of some growing sort and had to send a man to make sure!!
But, Burtis raised another point.  Why does Klauber insist on only purchasing big city pumpers for the rural areas of Derry?  Burtis says, because he served in rural areas of the county that tanker/pumpers are key because they carry a lot more water than the conventional pumpers which Klauber buys exclusively.  And  because they carry more water they provide more firefighter safety and aid in faster safer entry, too.  No, Derry has only one tanker, Burtis insists, but why does Klauber place it at the only station in the hydrant district?  After all, it took that tanker 12 minutes to reach the scene of the Island Pond Road fatal fire from the Central Station.  Twelve minutes and it left as soon as the alarm was received.  Why won't Fire Chief George Klauber discuss this item, publicly, either?  Maybe, again, there are reasons why a big city pumper carrying less water than a tanker/pumper is better in the Chief's eye's.  But don't the people who lose their homes and now the life of a relative, deserve to know why? 
What is going on Derry?  Why won't Klauber appear?  The disgraced former Town Administrator John Anderson, whose trial for lewd behavior has been continued more times than Jeanne Shaheen has appeared at out of state fundraisers or Maggie Hassan has been gigged for FEC violations, went so far as to banish Klauber from his posh suite of offices in the town hall on Manning Street in Derry to a more Spartan lay out at the Central Fire Station on the traffic circle, must have surmised something.  Yet here is Klauber, 11 years into an at will term, still living the high life.  But now his refusal to debate what amounts to his bread and butter, his very own Standard Operating Procedures.  Again it makes no sense.  And he continues to be, despite his many shortcomings and tomfoolery, his petty tantrums and his wandering through unoccupied fire stations while they're vacated during fire calls, one of the highest paid fire chiefs in New England.
Klauber (from MRI) is either the genius wunderkind that Carol Granfield (from MRI) who hired him said he was, or, possibly, he's not.  And maybe Burtis ( who, he claims, has nothing to do with MRI and has never, to his knowledge, he also claims, met Wally Stickney) is just an outré simpleton from the backwoods of upstate New York or he's not so dumb.  Who can say.

Who is Dan Innis, really?


As another election season begins, it is important for us as leaders within the Republican Party to vet our Party’s candidates to make sure that the people we put forth will represent conservative, limited government principals.

As the First-In-the-Nation Primary State we take this responsibility seriously, conservatives everywhere rely on us to make sure our candidates are strong.  We also have that responsibility for our local candidates; from State government, to Congress to Senate and Governor. 

Here in the First Congressional District we must take a second look at UNH Professor Dan Innis.  Professor Innis is running in the Republican Primary for Congress but his lack of conservative credentials gives pause for concern.

We have had six years of President Obama whose intentions are judged more frequently than the result of the legislation he favors or the actual results of his policies.  Professor Innis must be judged on his record, not his words.

Professor Innis was a registered Democrat through the 2012 election; pulling Democratic ballots in both the 2012 State Primary and 2008 Presidential Primary.  Which begs the question, who did Dan Innis support for President in 2008:  President Obama or Hillary Clinton?  Having voted Democrat for President, he likely voted for Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter too.

Only when he decided to run for Congress did he change his party affiliation to Republican. 
In 2012, when you and I were working hard to defeat President Obama and campaigning to elect conservatives, Dan Innis was working against us.

Professor Innis voluntarily donated $500 to Jackie Cilley for Governor in 2012.  Yes, the same Jackie Cilley who was found to be to the left of the Democratic Party in New Hampshire!  The same Jackie Cilley who was the only candidate for Governor to support an income and broad based sales tax for our state.  And, the same Jackie Cilley who went to work for Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter after her own campaign failed. 

Even as he claims to be a Republican now, the limited positions he has taken would make even the most moderate Republican cringe.  He is the only Republican candidate for Congress in NH who believes that we should raise the debt ceiling without any spending cuts.  In fact, he demands we eliminate the debt ceiling, removing any breaks from the runaway spending train that is Washington D.C. 

We expect this from Senator Shaheen, Congresswoman Kuster and Congresswoman Shea-Porter.  But someone running for the GOP nomination?

As you continue to meet and vet candidates for office at local GOP events, I encourage you to ask Mr. Innis about his past support of liberal Democrats and his ability to represent our conservative values.


Rep. Daniel J. Tamburello, Londonderry

India warns US of consequences on visa reform

Dear NH Insider:

I reach out to you about an article in Yahoo News titled:  India warns US of consequences on visa reform.

I am sure that you heard, or are aware, or could be closely informed, and even have an opinion about India’s Jaishankar comments to Congress about H1B labor. 

More than two thousand people commented about how the H1B labor issue impacts their livelihood, or eventually will.

Jaishankar, in referring to possible policies that Congress might impose on H1B labor in our nation, also told the Associated Free Press: "We think this is actually going to be harmful to us. It would be harmful to the American economy and, frankly, it would be harmful to the relationship" between the two countries".

Consider, every professional, who is a U.S. citizen in our nation, no matter if white or blue collar in vocational focus will also suffer the same impact on their livelihood if allowing the furthering of the H1B labor force here.

Jaishankar, an individual from India, is able to go directly to Congress and ‘warn them’.  I, like many other US citizens, could only wish to just speak with our congressional representatives about getting our jobs back.  But instead, we are obliged to, if really compelled, to send nothing more than what amounts to a form mail message that our congressional representation more than likely won’t ever read.

You are empowered to get America’s voice heard!  I write in feeling that it is vitally important to encourage congress to take a firm and tangible policy that will prevent the eventual gutting of our economy that will affect every US Citizen in our nation.  

It is common sense that you cannot gut the foundation beneath a house that you are building.  And I believe that we all understand this no matter who we are in our nation. Like the 2000+ that commented on the Yahoo article, I feel that your audience would also share this view; and could even be unemployed due to the H1B issue.

 I ask you to bring more light on this issue with your audience due the fact that someone from India is in the position to ‘warn our congress’.  Consider – he is able to do this simply because India provides cheap labor to business’s which fund our congressional member’s campaigns.

So how effective can our congress really be with our collective encouragement.  Are we supposed to wait till we get to the voting booths; or can your readers in their opinions be of help before then?

One question you might want to pose is "What happened to tax incentives to US Based corporations, and or firms, which do business in the United States of America, for hiring U.S. citizens. Is this not the best way to put America back to work and therefore receive more income tax revenue?"

Thanks for reading this,

 Orion Karl Daley

NH Citizens Against Trapping - Andrew's Bill Needs Your Help

Letter to the Editor:

The time has come for all animal lovers to come together as one collective voice and show support for Andrew! HB1579 is also Andrew’s bill and it will restrict the methods used for fur trapping in our state.  Many of you may recall the sad story of Andrew, beloved canine companion who was killed by a cruel conibear trap in Auburn in December 2012.  This bill will take steps to protect non-target animals such as Andrew from agony and/or death because of innocently getting caught in a body gripping trap.  Also, Andrew’s bill prevents needless cruelty to all animals as it restricts the archaic trapping methods still currently in use by the state of NH.    

Please join me and other animal lovers on Thursday, January 30th when Andrew’s bill will be heard in front of the NH Fish & Game and Marine Resources Committee.  The hearing will begin at 9am in Rooms 305-307 in the Legislative Office Building on 33 North State Street in Concord.  Come early to get a seat and sign in showing support for Andrew’s bill. In addition, or if you cannot make it to the hearing, you can still help by contacting your legislator in support of HB1579.  This is the link to find your legislators  Together we can make a difference and Andrew will not have died in vain.  Thank you and I am looking forward to meeting more compassionate people who work to stop cruelty to animals.

Kristina Snyder

Concord, NH 03302-4211

House Bill 660, Right to Know

January 3, 2013

Hopefully you will be educated by watching the video(s) on GMO’s.  While labeling GMO’s is a ruse of itself, the real issue is banning GMO’s until further testing proves them safe.  The other agenda of GMO’s is to control the food supply of the World.  Controlling food is most powerful, to control people.   Ask why GMO’s are banned in other countries and not USA.  Don’t people have a right to know what is in their food?  Anyone in government willing to deny this right, one might ask what other denial of rights would this government agent advocate.  The fools against GMO labeling and pro GMO, them and their families will not escape the rage of GMO’s.   We are all in the same boat.  HB 660 should pass unanimously.   Have you checked out the cost of Cancer lately?


Shell < shelleyrottenberg > Dear Ed, Stop Picking On Young People!

Dear Ed,

I would highly suggest that you quick picking on young people that work on campaigns. Their jobs take them all over the country & they actually happen to have grows pride in the USA! Threatening young campaigners is cheap & against the law! Find someone else to take your aggression a out on. Happy holiday!

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Tim Carter - Peter Sullivan: He's a Cad, No Doubt About It

Imagine this if you will. I’m a woman and you’re a man. We’re supposed to be working together to make New Hampshire a better place. We’re supposed to co-operate. We may disagree from time to time, but that’s how it goes in the real world.

But one day you become green with envy. You let your true feelings flow through your fingertips out to the whole world on Twitter by posting this about me:

“She’s Al Baldasarro in stiletto heels, a lightweight and O’Brien clone.”

What kind of man would do that? If you were married to this man, would you be happy with him? How many nights would you make him sleep on the couch?

If you were this man’s daughter, would you be proud of your daddy? Would you want him to walk you down the aisle arm in arm surrounded by other women?

If you were this man’s pastor, would you mention him in a sermon holding him up as a great moral example others should follow?

Democratic State Representative Peter Sullivan said those disparaging comments about Republican State Representative Marilinda Garcia just after she announced she’s running for US Congress. The best thing you can say about Peter Sullivan is he’s a cad.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of politicians who have no class and are sexist. I’m not a trained psychologist, but Representative Sullivan’s tweet drips of professional envy.

How many women out there are going to rise up and demand an apology from Representative Sullivan? Or don’t you care? Are you going to let him get away with this? If you remain quiet, then don’t get upset when men treat you like a throw rug and walk all over you.

I’ll make it easy for you to chew Peter out. I’d suggest you give Peter a call and give him a piece of your mind, but he’s cancelled the service on his 603-647-5453 phone number. My guess is lots of upset women have already called. You may just want to email him:

Tim Carter

Meredith, NH

Jeff Frost - Insurance Department of NH - your letter you sent in response to my complaint dated 19 Nov. 2013

Dear Catherine,

            To be more specific in my complaint as to the local insurance company and producer, etc.. that you seem to require, I state the following as additional personal and state wide problems to my purchasing of individual insurance for me and my family:

First: I can not access the web site required to purchase healthcare as advertised by the selling authority for our only insurance exchange provider in the state, Anthem, selling their product under the new bait and switch and fixing and trade practices sold and manipulated and undisclosed by the Executive Branch on behalf of Anthem (and any other complicit insurer that would remain silent) and with substantial financial rewards to Anthem holding this monopolistic position.

Second: the selling authority, the Executive Branch, provided monopolistic predatory practices that hindered competition, services, and doctors by other providers and “forced” a single provider monopoly for Anthem, continues to belittle other insurance plans (against the CPA laws), and illegally “price fixed” competitors out of the business of providing lower cost plans previously supplied and demanded by me and my family which could be accessed or bought before- the new plans are some thousands of dollars more than before.

Anthem is not less expensive as advertised by the Executive Branch for exchange providers. This "fixing" of prices and services among providers was discovered, post sale, in the contract of the law known as the Affordable Care Act, a misnomer and deceptive sales slogan if their ever was one. These undisclosed price increase differences by Anthem can only be explained by duplicity in knowledge and knowing acceptance in the deceit to sell their future product at a price and service not as advertised.

From the Consumer Protection Act:

“Subsequent disclosures in the store (web site on the, on the product label (new health plans by the now legalized monopoly insurance corporation -Anthem), or written contract (ACA law via Supreme Court) do not void deceptive claims in ads. (When selling it.)

NH insurance provider Anthem has the sole, and is the only "monopoly",  insurer in the state of NH on the exchange, is not providing stated twenty five hundred dollar saving annually as advertised pre- ACA “Obama Care” promotions to sell Anthem's or any insurer's future contracts. My family will experience price increases in the thousands of dollars above the stated savings, if and only if I can access the provider web site at some future date. My previous research last year from brokers provided no indication that contracts were going to change services, providers or pricing and I was told time and again that they would not- in advertisements on behalf of insures by the Executive Branch and Barry Obama.  No insurer denied those claims!

I hope this is succinct enough to look into the practices to get from where we were a year or so ago to where we are today with regard to what was stated and what is available from Anthem today and not available from competitors because of predatory prices and services and fixing practices deceptively sold, and it appears, deceptively conspired against the NH consumer to force future sale of contracts of health insurance not remotely similar, or promised, in advertisements by any individual, branch, or insurer complicit or silent in the sale of these future contracts. Anthem remains silent today as to how they could not pre-disclose the actual pricing and services required under the ACA law sales pitch when it was sold and advertised on their behalf to indicate something completely different than the actual contracts available after the sale- a violation of the CPA law.


Jeffrey S. Frost, 

Manchester, NH

Jeff Frost - Choice for woman, not men under ObamaCare?

With regard to the Associated Press headline of- Supreme Court refuses to block Texas abortion law.

How ironic that pro-choice, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is against any law blocking women from getting, “a safe and legal medical procedure that has been their constitutionally protected right for 40 years.” Also saying, “This is outrageous and unacceptable… demonstrates why we need stronger federal protections for women's health. Your rights and your ability to make your own medical decisions should not depend on your ZIP code”

I agree, the government should not make your medical decisions for you but Obama Care does. The freedom to protect your health and life from medical harm should never, in anyway, be taken away by government. Obama Care restricts decisions we previously had the freedom to do and forces us into his plans, doctors, pricing, and we NH citizens, have lost hospitals in our “Zip Code”.

New Hampshire has three federal, and one governor, Democrat women elected to government supporting Obama Care, ask them why only women should have the right to choose their medical care while men must be restricted by Obama Care with regard to their personal life saving decisions.

Thank You,

Jeff Frost
Manchester, NH 03104

Tim Carter - Say Hello to the New Hampshire INCOME and SALES TAX

Governor Maggie Hassan has called a special session of the New Hampshire (NH) legislature to lay the foundation for an income tax. It may balloon into an income tax, a sales tax and increased property taxes.

NH House representatives and Senators have been busy in Concord the past few weeks working away at expanding Medicaid. They're poised to vote on this days from now - Thursday, November 21.

The Federal government is going to pay all the costs for the first three years with fake money they get to print. After three years, New Hampshire residents have to start to pay ten percent of the cost with real money. NH residents will be on the hook for tens, possibly hundreds, of millions of dollars of expense for this Medicaid each year. 

Do you trust the Federal government after they told you you could keep your health plan and your doctor? Do you think the Feds might say in three years, "Well, we didn't really tell you the truth. We can't pay 90%. We can only pay 50%. Sorry."

If you want less money to pay your bills or gather as savings in your bank account in the future, then sit back and do nothing. I'm serious. Just sit on your couch and watch TV.

If you want to stop a future income and sales tax in New Hampshire, call Governor Hassan, all the NH state senators and your NH House reps. You have just HOURS to do this because they vote on Thursday. Tell them:

  • Do NOT expand Medicaid
  • Table this legislation
  • Wait until the Obamacare Train Wreck is cleaned from the tracks

Don't forget to tell Maggie she'll be a one-term Governor if she signs a Medicaid expansion bill. Period.

Tim Carter

Meredith, NH

Tim Carter - Regional Planning Commissions Supercede Local Zoning Decisions!

Dear Editor:

What follows is a true New Hampshire story. It’s relevant if you live up north in Pittsburg, down south in Hollis, west in Claremont or east in Rye.

Last night the Selectmen of Loudon, NH asked me to come to one of their regular meetings. I don’t live in Loudon.

Months ago I authored a pamphlet titled Granite State Future - The Real Facts. It was given to the Loudon Selectmen a month ago and they wanted to know more about the topic. You can read the pamphlet here:

I walked into the meeting room and just three men were sitting at a standard folding cafeteria table passing letters to one another and then depositing them into a large plastic bin. It was a bureaucratic conveyor belt.

No one else was there, even though there were 40 soft chairs to sit in. No one. Not one Loudon citizen was in the room watching decisions being made. Not one citizen was there participating. Are you one of these people in your town?

After fifteen minutes, Mr. Krieger cordially asked me to approach the folding table and introduce myself for the record. They asked me to tell them about the Granite State Future. I did.

“Are you telling me you’ve not been contacted by Michael Tardiff, the executive director of the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission about the Granite State Future,” I said.

“No we haven’t. We have NO CLUE what the Granite State Future is about.”

“Well, for starters you should go to,” I suggested.

Wow. I almost fell over I was so shocked. I shouldn’t have been, because this is the same thing I’m encountering all over the state. Selectmen in countless NH towns have not heard about the Granite State Future, even though it’s been in motion since February, 2012.

On that dark day the nine NH regional planning commissions signed a legally binding contract with the Federal government mandating NH zoning and planning mirror what the Federal government wants, not what you or your Selectmen want.

Why didn’t Mr. Tardiff come to Loudon months ago before I showed up last night? That’s easy. The nine NH regional planning commissions don’t want you or your Selectmen to know what’s going on. They don’t want you to know they control every aspect of your life here in NH. They don’t want to remind any elected officials that they, the RPCs, are filled with unelected bureaucrats making critical decisions about every aspect of your life. It’s time for you to wake up.

Tim Carter

Meredith, NH

Jeff Frost - Consumer Protection Act (NH and FTC) revised

Dear Attorney General: I have filed (Nov. 4th) a serious complaint concerning fraudulent advertising practices for the sale of health insurance of which bait and switch, pricing more expensive compared to the stated promise of savings on the same services, promises of a contract not fulfilled as advertised, and a demeaning of the competition- all to sell the contracts which were deceitfully misrepresented to myself and, it appears as of now, another 22,000 NH citizens. For instance Barry Obama and a number of other individuals within his influence who sold these plans publicly conducted a fraud based on the guidelines of the CPA stated on your web page which-  says even if the contract is legal:   

“Subsequent disclosures in the store (web site), on the product label (new health plans), or written contract (ACA law via Supreme Court) do not void deceptive claims in ads. (When selling it.)

The statements and claims made to us here in NH were deceptive sales tactics.

As the legal representative and enforcer of NH laws, and considering the ACA is officially a legal law but the sale of it was deceptive to NH citizens, and state rights and laws have power to protect state citizens when not otherwise restricted by the constitution, and the FTC laws for consumer protections are in effect as well as our own CPA law,- what will your office do to bring to justice those who perpetrated this massive fraud against NH citizens. I understand that there is a "sovereign immunity" protection provided for those class of people working within the government but only to the extent they did not violate the laws of the land, and the Consumer Protection Act is law. We now realize, in fact, that the monopoly of the Anthem Blue Cross insurance provider and the undisclosed government restrictions, pricing, plans, and services- are not as advertised by those who sold this Obama Care (ACA) to us here in NH.

Please let me know where my complaint is in the process of your office's consideration.

Thank You,

Jeff Frost