Jim Rubens - End Purple State Political Stalemate


End Purple State Stalemate


FYI: I’ll be at the 603 Alliance GPS Caucus, this Saturday in Contoocook if you want to say hi or talk politics. The Caucus is open to all registered Republicans and Independents with the goal of unity around a single conservative candidate.
Here’s my dinner speech last Friday at the Republican Liberty Caucus convention in Nashua ...
Fed up watching New Hampshire’s hard won Republican seats constantly flip back to milquetoast Democrats? Last week, it was nothing-burger Maggie Hassan. Odds makers rank her so competitive that the entire US Senate is now at risk of falling back into Democrat hands. This purple state stalemate has been going on now for 20 years, and it’s a political dead end.
Here’s how the Republican establishment has tried and failed to cope with purple state stalemate:
Anoint a candidate whose vote is reliably for sale to the high bidder. Lightly season with some pro-life talk. Then blur differences with the Democrat, avoid controversy, do ribbon cuttings, and win over the last one percent of low-information voters with a pleasant smile or a macho jawline.
There are two massive problems with this strategy.
Number one, we’re left out in the cold if we want small government accountable to the people and not to the bought and paid for Washington party barons. Number two, we get endless talk and promises on what we want, but no action. And the country we love slides downhi
  • We’re six years into the so-called recovery built on a sugar high of zero percent interest rates and four trillion dollars of printed money. And the middle class is still being squeezed by rising living costs, stagnant wages and decent-paying jobs continue to evaporate.
  • 100 trillion dollars in debt andunfunded promises recklessly loaded on to our kids and grandkids and no end in sight. The bi-partisan Washington cabal won’t do a partial government shutdown to force long-term spending sanity and to save our currency. But showing their true colors and to show that they can do big things when they want to, look at this past December’s bi-partisan Cromnibus budget deal. Another $430 billion in debt. And they had no trouble inserting language written by Citicorp lobbyists sticking ordinary taxpayers with losses from big-bank derivatives trading.
  • Let me explain Donald Trump to the Republican establishment. A giant bloc of working Americans despise open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the flood of excessive immigration that is driving down wages and threatening the social cohesion necessary for voluntary civil society. (Clarity point: immigration is great for America if its rate allows immigrants to absorb into our culture).
  • And Washington’s bi-partisan hawks. No victory/exit strategy, 15 years of lost wars, tens of thousands of dead and injured American soldiers, trillions in borrowed money, and constantly increasing chaos in the Middle East. Just over two years ago, these strategy-blind hawks had us funding, arming and training ISIS. Now they have us taking sides with Al Qaeda in proxy wars in Yemen and Syria. They’re dangerously close to getting us into a shooting war with Russia. They won’t say a cross word about our key Arab “ally”, Saudi Arabia, the world’s leading sponsor of jihadi ideology, funder of the 9-11 terrorists, brutal human rights violator, and over 200 beheadings so far this year. Years of bi-partisan talk about honoring our vets, yet VA bureaucrats are still killing our vets on waiting lists. (Here's my earlier post, how we can win the war on terror).
  • Another example. The bi-partisan drug war. A trillion dollars spent worldwide. In Nashua alone so far this year, 16 dead from drug overdose. Half of young black males likely to be locked up during their lifetimes. $8 billion spent last year to eradicate opium production in Afghanistan, now at record levels, supplying ¾ of global demand and major funding for the Taliban. (Here's my earlier post, Drug War Rethink).
  • Here’s another bi-partisan Washington cave in. Every member of Congress swears to defend the United States Constitution. Then why are they breaching the Fourth Amendment by allowing government to spy on hundreds of millions of innocent Americans with no evidence that our safety has been enhanced?
  • And the tax code. It’s impenetrably complex and riddled with special interest breaks that drive up rates for the rest of us. It severely distorts free market choices. The public hates it, but Washington politicians want it that way because Washington lobbyists want it that way.
  • And for my last example, the perfect illustration of the nose ring that crony capitalists have installed on the party barons in both parties, the Ex-Im Bank. Eighty percent of Ex-Im loan guarantees in 2012 went to one company, Boeing. They’ve corrupted the economy so that businesses are forced to hire lobbyists and fly to Washington to pay homage instead of shopping private lenders or guarantors to help export their products.
My point is, the bi-partisan establishment can get things done in Washington when they want to. Seventy-five percent of Republican voters do not trust Republican leadership because the Washington establishment is not advancing core conservative principles and is not working for average Americans.
So, here’s how we can come to grips with our nation’s biggest political challenges. Here’s how we can end purple state stalemate.
It’s what Ronald Reagan did.  He brought millions of Reagan Democrats, average working Americans, into the Republican coalition. He led a durable political realignment.
Today, times are different, the issues and the demographics are different. But the dynamics are the same.  Let’s stop trying to compromise with Washington’s business-as-usual, pay to play, incumbent protection racketeers. Let’s stop working so hard to appeal to the last one percent who decide in the voting booth who has better hair. It’s time for a full-on political realignment to bring another ten percent to the small-government, of-by-for the people ticket.
We will win when grass roots activist leaders unite social conservatives, liberty Republicans, and populists.
The time is more right than in decades. The anti-establishment candidates for President are consistently out polling and out energizing the establishment.
But here’s the rub. The anti-establishment factions on the right must unite.  As I learned last year in my US Senate run, unity is difficult.  All of us are deeply committed to our core principles. But as we all learned, we either suck up and accept lesser-of-two-evils crumbs from the establishment, or we find big common purpose among ourselves.  United we stand, or divided we all fall.
Tactically, this means doing more of what the 603 Alliance is doing. This means uniting around one grass roots, small government, of, by, and for the people candidate in every primary. This is how Dave Brat took out Wall Street crony capitalist Eric Cantor.
What our unity candidate will look like and how we get united will be different in different states, races, and election cycles.  Sometimes our candidate will be a leading defender of life, sometimes a champion of liberty, sometimes a candidate single-minded about a private sector economy that works again for middle class American citizens.
When we win these primaries, if we’ve done our job at realignment coalition building, we’ll have candidates readily able to defeat Democrats. We will win, not by blurring differences, not by going purple, but by delivering solutions to our big challenges, solutions that end self-dealing and business as usual corruption in Washington.
It’s not nearly enough just to be against the establishment. Let’s get to work on working together to turn our great nation around.