Dudley Sharp - Death Penalty: How Wrong is Concord Monitor?

Subject: The Death Penalty:
How Irrational is the Concord Monitor Editorial Board?
Re: Editorial: Evidence mounts against death penalty, Editorial Board, Concord Monitor, February 14, 2016
From: Dudley Sharp
I list The Editorial Boards comments as "EB":    My reply is "Sharp":
1) EB: "Until the justice system is perfect, the state shouldn’t execute anybody."
Sharp: There is no proof of an innocent executed in the US, since the 1930s (1).
Since 1973, about 14,000 innocents have been murdered by those known murderers that we have allowed to murder, again - recidivist murderers (1).
Since 1973, up to 400,000 innocents have been murdered by those known criminals that we have released from custody or not incarcerated (1).
5000 die in US criminal custody, every year (1).
The death penalty/ executions protect innocents to a higher degree than does Life Without Parole (LWOP) (1).
2) EB: "The trouble is that this is a society too accepting of collateral damage."
Sharp: EB, obviously, has no clue how right they are.
3) EB: "One of these years, New Hampshire lawmakers will wake up and realize that to take one innocent life is to take one too many, and so will abolish the death penalty."
Sharp: One of these years, or maybe never, the EB will wake up and realize that there are massive numbers of innocents murdered and harmed because of the release of known criminals and that the death penalty protects innocent lives more than does lesser sanctions.
Realities that are just as easy to confirm,  as they are for the EB to avoid.