FreeKeeneNews - Unauthorized Video of Edward Snowden Speech Causing Controversy






Free Keene Blogger Releases Unauthorized Video of Edward Snowden Speech, Despite Restrictions

Controversy has exploded online after the 2016 Liberty Forum now that Free Keene blogger Garret Ean has released unauthorized video of Edward Snowden speaking this weekend. Attendees were asked to not record, purportedly at Snowden's request. Why this would be, I don't understand, given the near-guarantee there were federal agents in attendance who could have surreptitiously recorded, and also given that Snowden's previous public appearances were also recorded.

Further, it turns out there was one organization allowed to record. was given an exclusive, but it's not clear from my conversations with Liberty Forum organizers why that was the case.

Now, many libertarians are fuming mad at Garret while others are saying the recording restrictions were ridiculous and bound to be ignored by someone.

The full unauthorized recording is available via the Free Keene blog, here.