ALG - D.C. District Court denies temporary restraining order against federal voter registration form proof of citizenship requirements


Feb. 23, 2016, Fairfax, Va.—Americansfor Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the followingstatement praising U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia JudgeRichard Leon's decision to deny a temporary restraining order against theElection Assistance Commission's federal voter registration form's proof ofcitizenship requirements for Alabama, Georgia and Kansas in the case Leagueof Women Voters v. Newby:

"Americans for Limited Governmentpraises Judge Richard Leon for his wise decision to uphold, for now, thefederal voter registration form that includes proof of citizenship requirementsfor Alabama, Georgia and Kansas. Leon's denial of a temporary restraining orderagainst the independent Election Assistance Commission, who made the form, is avictory for the rule of law, and a striking defeat for the Justice Department andits sue and settle racket.

"Attorney General Loretta Lynch andher crew of liberal legal henchmen conspired against the Election AssistanceCommission by attempting to deny it legal counsel when the federal voterregistration form's proof of citizenship requirements were challenged. TheJustice Department thought it could rig the case against the Commission.

"FortunatelyKansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach was there to argue on behalf of the Commissionand the people of Kansas, whose legislature drafted the proof ofcitizenship requirements, and Judge Leon sided with Kansas for now. The nextstep will be a March 9 hearing on whether to issue a preliminary injunctionagainst implementation of the new voter registration form. One thing is forcertain, Loretta Lynch's Justice Department will be less able to rig that outcome."

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