ALG - Lynch's DOJ approves H1-B visa abuse


DOJ quietly ends investigation intoSouthern California Edison, no charges for replacing American workers withH1-Bs

Feb. 23, 2016,Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement calling for a moratorium on the H1-B visa program in response to the Department of Justice concluding its investigation into Southern California Edison with no charges for replacing American workers with foreign imports:

"If Southern California Edison followed the law, an immediate moratorium should be placed on the issuance of any new H1-B visas, because its effect now is to replace American workers with lower cost imports in the most outrageous way possible.Many of Southern California Edison's 500 laid off information technology specialists complained they had to suffer the indignity of training their replacements in order to remain eligible for a severance package. This is not about doing the jobs Americans won't do, it is about replacing hard-working Americans. If this is the deal globalization is now offering the U.S. economy, it is time the Congress finally stand up for American workers and say no deal."

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