FreeKeeneNews - FSP Releases Proper Snowden Interview Video, Edited by Free Keene Blogger






Full HD Version of Snowden Interview Released, Created by Free Keene Blogger

While Free Keene bloggers made the front page of the Concord Monitor for releasing unauthorized audio of Edward Snowden's Liberty Forum interview by Reason's Nick Gillespie, another Free Keene blogger was busy editing a full-HD, multiple camera edit of the Snowden interview.  He posted it today to Free Keene.  It's definitely worth sharing - he did an excellent job.

What many readers don't seem to grasp about Free Keene is that our bloggers can and have disagreed or approached activism in different ways.  I as the site administrator do not exert editorial control over site content.  Bloggers at Free Keene can post what they consider important.

Video professional JJ Schlessinger has been a blogger at Free Keene since 2008.  He cut his teeth on activism in Keene having been the creative force behind Free Keene TV and the Free Keene Press.  After discovering his talent and love for video he started a video production company and moved to Manchester in 2012.